Monday, March 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update and Prayer Requests

I did want to pass a long a quick update on a few this and ask for prayer requests just to let you know where I am at.
1. I am getting in to the crucial part of my pregnancy. I am 20 weeks and sort of what I would call a make or break point in my pregnancy. I really need to at least make it to 26 weeks with no drama. PLEASE pray for that. If the baby started to come in the next few weeks he would not make it. Please pray for no labor pains and pray that I will rest. I have been resting a lot but I need to be really serious at this point.
2. On another note, I have had something close to home that has been stressful to me lately. I don't even need that kind of stress right now at all. The last 2 times I went into premature labor I was literally under the gun with stress. 3. Also, if I do have to go to the hospital for my bedrest please pray that it will be when morgan gets out of school for the summer.

Thanks in advance for your prayers!!!!! LOVE,

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