Saturday, September 1, 2012

My response to my last fb status where I am usually misunderstood

Y'ALL this is why I can't stand Facebook sometimes. I AM NOT judging someone's heart in prayer!!!!!! Let me tell you what when my face is on the floor with the Lord I have to come honestly and w humility over the fact that no matter how I have ever been offended or betrayed that I am not better than anyone else. On my best day i could out sin any of you because i am prone to wander...prone to leave the God I love! If people can't understand what I'm saying when someone gets up and prays that way in front of everyone and almost preaches to the person they are praying for (which is total manipulation btw) while speaking in a fake voice that they talk to no one else in...then I'm sorry. I'm not judging I'm just saying that I don't get it. Let me say this and I'm so serious: JESUS saves me from myself daily and I don't think for one second any of us...ANY OF US...can grasp or even have a clue as to how Holy, Holy, Holy the LORD God of Hosts is...yet His death and the temple curtain being torn in two was so we could come to Him. We could enter the Holy of Holies without bells being tied to our legs so someone could pull us out if we died in Gods presence since no one can even look at Him and live He is so Holy!  He didn't die for creeds, religion without relationship, form without function, faith without deeds! Our country, believers, and churches lack FEAR of the Lord because Gods word is true when He says it is the fear of the Lord that will keep us from sin. Let me say this I went through a 3 year period of having the devil unleashed on me (with Gods permission) to sift me like wheat. I clung to Him in the word like I do daily yet clung to Him when I didn't know if I was going to make it out of the lions den alive or not. That period of time literally shakes the doorposts of my house (the temple God has given me) when I even start to think of lighting a match to my own flame. It scares me to death not because I'm superstitious and think He is just going to zap me but straight up I am scared of the consequences from my loving Father who disciplines me (Hebrews 12). I'd say you can look at our nation as a whole or turn on tv and say where is the fear or respect for a holy God because we who are with unveiled faces can't even distinguish most of the time when our lives look no different than the average "good" lost person we are so busy plunging head first into the same flood of dissipation. I say this to say God is about relationship and if praying in a voice you don't even talk to your man, kids, best friend and etc to is what people think is reverence then I'm not game. I have to get on my face and beg for mercy a lot of times and I ask Him even why He would still contend with me? Why would He not swallow me alive in the ground because that my friends is what I deserve yet when Joshua the High priest (contemporary with Nehemiah not Moses' successor) appeared before the throne and satan was there accusing him before God because under the law he was the people's representative and his clothes were dirty instead of him being clothed in fine linen like the blessed consecrated people of God should the Hebrew he literally appears before God with excrement (poop) on his garments.  Satan had reason to accuse him or he wouldn't have been dirty and when Satan tries to get God to judge him and prove his holiness in judging...what does God do? He tells the angel of the Lord (which was a direct reference to the Son, Jesus Christ preincarnate) to strip him of those clothes and clothe him...He exercised His mercy seat! Joshua and the people he represented as high priest were sinful and yet he was clothed and stripped of the dung he was wearing...and that's the only way we have access to God is Christ in us. He see's Jesus and we are justified by the blood of the Only perfect Lamb without spot or blemish or defect because He is holy and apart from His Spirt we've got nothing and He is about us being relational with Him.  What a paradox that He would even stoop down low and send His son to die for us that we might live. I don't get it!!!! He didn't die so we could have our outside looking clean but on the inside we are dry desolate bones. He didn't die so we could argue over translations of the bible in the west where the bible wasn't even penned over here since Jesus literally died before amerigo vespucci (sp) or christopher Columbus washed up on te shore in  1492 A.D.   So all I'm saying is He is Holy and how is that changing us because it should. One more reason why I dont agree with any of the I died and went to heaven and came back to tell y'all something God forgot to leave you in His word since He clearly states that His word is everything we need for life and godliness and revelation is strong when it says not to add or take away from the word of God since Jesus is the Word made flesh to dwell and live within us. This is me clarifying that I'm talking about being fake and not relational. I'm not talking about people who have done their memory work in the KJV and are praying scripture because I'd be right there with them. I'm talking about phoning in a relationship to the Lord that you don't have because we are all on level ground at the cross. Back to the died and gone to heaven books. Is that possible yes! Warm and fuzzy and inspirational...yes! Can Satan masquerade himself as light and give us false views of heaven!!! YES! He totally wants to mess us up and trip us up on our view of God. He doesn't want us to come clean before the Lord and go running to the One who is greater than our hearts and knows everything yet still calls us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. He wants us to believe God is far off or just at church. Yet we are fools if we don't pour out our hearts to the Only one we can be laid bare before and yet have some dignity left when we are done. I'm so thankful for years of prayer journals where if I felt like I had hate in my heart toward someone...I could tell Him because I know we can't hate in our hearts and be in fellowship w the Lord...and there have been times when He knew that even though I was telling Him I hated someone that I really didn't hate them I was hurt by them and He won't tell my secrets and He knows me better than I do and He is the Only One with the power to change this sinful woman. I love that about Him. I don't have to pretend and I would be lying to myself to not see my position before my Holy God and sinful me. My righteousness is as filthy rags!!!! No amount of goodness is getting me to Him and I am so thankful for His word. He has meant everything to me! Any encounter in the scriptures where for example in the New Testament John when he is exiled on patmos and in the Spirit on the Lords day...a dude that is named the beloved disciple...a disciple of the who was at that time old but stood at the cross and watched His Savior...the same Jesus that he reclined at table with and leaned on His chest to feel the palpitations of God with us...he knew Jesus...and he falls down as dead before the angel sent to reveal the book of Revelation...and the angel tells JOHN to get up! Don't worship him! That messenger of God got it! He was not to be worshipped. He wasn't having it.  Just like in isaiah when he gets the throne room vision and we see how the serafin and cheribum could not even look at Him.  They did His bidding but with their wings they covered their face.  They understand what we are so blind too. He is HOLY!!! Paul gets called up to heaven (and yet he is not permitted to speak of what he saw!) and he tells us only what is inspired so I say all of this to get to the point that if we really got it...if we truly had the scales fall from our eyes we couldn't shake a fist at the heavens and our lives would be so different if we understood that kind of relationship through His word. We would die from His holiness yet He calls us to come and invites us to relationship. He calls us friend. I don't get it! He saves us with all of our DNA makeup and bridles these personalities and uses sinful us to accomplish His purposes.  He doesn't have to. He could say the word and destroy this earth at His word. He didn't sacrifice His son for our self exaltation! Acting lofty and better than others is pride. More recently when I was on my face telling on someone to God and how much they had hurt me and how I wanted paybacks I got back up off the ground seeing that I am no different from this person and I need the full redemption of psalm 130. I need unfailing love, I need mercy, I need grace, I need His loving discipline and is unabashed love that won't let me go and I got up having spilled my guts and raw emotion and was moved to a pale where I saw my sin and prayed for the same mercy God has on my life to pour out to the person I felt so justified in wanting God to spank 15 minutes before.  You can't hang out in the psalms either without David's raw emotions and him wanting God to kill his enemies as he was clearly on the run hiding out in caves and had a very visible enemy you see his inspired words and how he moves to a place w all this paint and rejection and etc to being ok. That's one reason why I want others to take hold of His word and engage in a real live relationship even though we don't deserve that...because people fail us. We will be so disillusioned if we buy into the God that some false teachers are pedaling and we will think hey I tried God and He didn't work. Nope they tried a god but it wasn't the God of scripture who is our hiding place and our healer in a fallen world where we have our daily burdens that He will daily bear. They won't know that God isn't out to see to it that we have cushy lives full of monetary crap that will eventually be burned by fire.  He'd rather us live in a portolet and be rich toward Him which is where true prosperity our soul...not with earthly treasure that thieves can break into and steal, moths can eat and destroy... treasure that spoils and fades.  We would do so well with our disappointments and pain if we did view life through the lens of scripture and holiness. We wouldn't be out trading our inheritance in Christ left and right for a bowl of stew that ends up wreaking havoc on us. Maybe we like those mentioned in Hebrews 11...could truly grasp that our time is short here and we would believe God and look forward to a kingdom that can not be shaken, our very real heavenly Jerusalem.  If we could see that we are aliens here headed on pilgrimage to our true home the world would take note that we were ordinary but we had been with this Jesus and maybe just maybe like Hebrews 11 the men and women that stuck out like a sore thumb because they refused to bow to religion, people, the world...that it was said of them like an epitaph on their grave: THIS WORLD WAS NOT WORTHY OF HER! And how could any of us with a pinhole glimpse of His holiness dare think the world was not worthy of's scandalous because it's only because of Him and Him being in relationship w sinful us! 

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