Monday, July 25, 2011

My Sweet Baby Girl-SIX years OLD

So, I am a month late on this post but better late than never. My poor child is going to have an electronic baby book haha! No, but birthdays are sort of a big deal to me! My birthday is the week before Christmas and I always felt like I was jipped. Most kids were out of school and on Christmas vacation and I also have a twin so take whatever modest gift she and I were going to get and split that in half. Then, I always loved how my grandparents would come out and give Holly and I a little bday something and then Heather our sister that was 16 months older, she got something too. But hey that's water under the bridge! I couldn't do much for Morgans bday this year since I was confined to the bed. We had a small family water party at our house and of course Rod thought it was ghetto but it was all I could do.

Here were the favors:

Morgan before bed. I love that little stinker!

Her shirt that she wore for all of 5 minutes!

Her cake and her favorite person in the world "Aunt Steph"

Rod and I took her to see the new Cars Movie on her bday. I think Rod liked it the best even though it was packed with political agenda. We then took her to Justice and the Olive Garden.

We have been a tad busy around here. We are moving this coming Monday and having a baby boy! I can tell where Morgan is finally starting to get excited about a brother. I am excited with a mixture of terror at the thoughts of being responsible for a little soul. I need the Lord to help me and fill me with the one I've got now. I so want them to follow the Lord.

Well, on to Morgan. She is still QUEEN of what is left of my heart.
She finished K-5 this year and she loved school. I am thinking she may be like me when it comes to that.

One thing I got to really see about her this year is what a tender heart she has. I told her some stories about when I was little and didn't have a snack in 3rd grade and how my friend Tiffany would share some of her honey bun with me. It meant so much. So she set out all year to make sure that every kid in her class had a snack! It really blessed me. I even got to watch her do some hard things. There was a little girl in her class that she did not care for and we would pack her an extra snack but Morgan did not want to give it to her. She gave it to her anyway and I was thankful to see her do what was right, even if it wasn't easy for that little, then, five year old self.

That girl still doesn't sleep and we sure had our share of health issues this year but oh are we blessed!

Morgan has decided that she is going to Auburn to cheer and be a fashionista! I will be so interested to see how those plans change!

She has given me a time this year with attitude as well. We have to go over who the boss is all of the time.

I can already see God birthing gifts in Morgs. She loves missions and has such a heart for the poor. She wants to give and give. I just hope if she gets into missions that she does it next to her momma. It is just neat to see this little precious person grow up before the Lord and as hard as some days are I just pray I am doing a good job with her.

I can't thank God enough for her! Such an undeserved blessing. Lord help me, and fill me as I seek to raise this baby child! I love You for allowing me to love her Jesus.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

LILLIAN AVARA (BECKY) HARRIS Obituary: View LILLIAN HARRIS's Obituary by The Birmingham News

my grandmother's obituary

LILLIAN AVARA (BECKY) HARRIS Obituary: View LILLIAN HARRIS's Obituary by The Birmingham News

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