Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy birthday to my baby sister and best friend

I can still remember what I was wearing in 2nd grade on this very day 26 years ago. I remember being so excited to have a baby sister and so nervous! Happy birthday to my baby girl and my best friend. We are so opposite in personality. She is sort of like a guy and we would worry about her because she didn't cry (and if she does cry my claws come out because someone has ticked her off...still enough age gap to be a mama bear) lgrowing up but she is so loyal like a golden retriever. She is a beauty queen and we are both fashionistas in our own right even if she is bling and I'm boho and we still agree to disagree on shoe taste! The first time she walked was on my birthday when she saw a boy. She didn't walk though she ran!  She was the queen in our home. She pointed to something and we did it!  She was my snuggle 

bug and I loved the way that bald headed girl smelled slathered in baby magic! I used to sneak in her room and shake her Jenny Lind crib to make sure she hadn't stopped breathing...I still snuck in my guest room 2 or so years ago to make sure her and her baby were breathing lol)!  Also, I'm almost 9 years older but have always had a godly jealousy for her and have prayed for her and I'm so proud of the godly woman she is and to see her grow. She keeps me honest constantly!  She knows everything about me and somehow scandalously sees Jesus in me still. She doesn't flatter people either with words she doesn't mean. So if she speaks a word of encouragement it is medicine to my soul because I know she isn't cutting the bull!  She hates drama and fiercely loves her baby girl and is deeply caring about family ties almost like Italians! ;) but hey we all got off the boat with Noah!  I love her so much I'd donate an organ if she needed it!  We adore her and especially Morgan. She's been so loving and patient with my kids...and they love aunt Stephs!  Happy birthday stephy!  Praying for more of Jesus for you for every day to come!