Monday, April 28, 2014

We need to quit talking a big stick as believers and get down on our faces in prayer and face The Lord and build up and not tear down. Don't forget the quarry from which you've been hewn.

It's so funny how many can sing grace grace amazing grace, talk about grace, talk about mercy...and never extend it to another person. That usually tells me you've never really been a big recipient of that grace grace that runs down and covers you. Same thing about Gods love. We are to love Him and love others and love those who aren't easy to love. Sometimes that may mean loving at a distance if the relationship is abusive or if you can't stay out of the mud with the person while in close proximity but some of us (me included) need to shut up talking a big stick and be doers of the word. Even my statuses people read into them and assume I'm always talking about myself or whatever. Nope I'm doing life with people who are suffering and so many have no clue what these people are going through. And on my own end I've been judged or talked about with my health or people will chide when speaking to me, "oh wow y'all just don't get a break or you are just too young to have all of this! Or your break is coming!"  Well, actually I haven't had a break but I've come to relate to people in ways I couldn't have apart from suffering and I cringe when people talk to me like that with a judgmental attitude because I sure don't want The Lord to turn and have to teach them about what it means to endure a long suffering of sorts. So, instead of making every stinking thing about us when we think someone isn't meeting our needs or something seems off with them... Why don't we get on our faces in prayer and try to build up and encourage one another. Don't we all have enough without being beat down by others. Especially believers. I love to talk but in James where it says we are to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.  We aren't called to not speak. When Christ called the disciples peter was a big mouth and He became, by the power of the Holy Spirit, a big mouth for Jesus. But we are so quick to speak, slow to listen, and quick to become angry and quick to judge. My point is that I know so many people now that are suffering. I mean their lives are falling apart at the seams. So let's love The Lord with every fiber we have and seek Him and love our neighbor AS OURSELF!! Let's mend and not tear. I'm more open about some stuff but general so others can relate or feel they aren't alone but especially with our attitudes of judgement what is it doing for others? How is it helping others toward freedom in Christ? It's not and people don't feel free to confess their sins one to another for accountability and to expose it to the light without bearing the weight of judgment from many men and women wouldn't have jumped off the cliff figuratively speaking if they could at the beginning stages of an area of sin or struggle could truly confess it to someone and expose it to the light? How much self inflicted pain could be spared if we truly were our brothers and sisters keeper. But no! So many people are living in darkness that they can't look you in the eye and certainly aren't going to get involved in someone else's life because they have no firm footing to stand on. We are losing this battle waging because we aren't in the word, walking in the light, or getting out of our comfort zones. We can't fix our gaze on people. It has to be Jesus. He has to be our anchor whether we are accepted or rejected we can't live for the approval of man and be servants of Christ. We desperately need our minds to be renewed by the word. So today...cut someone some slack, don't be a seam ripper, you never know what someone is going through.