Monday, July 20, 2009

The Inheritance by Beth Moore

Look what came in the mail today!!! The Inheritance--by Beth Moore
I was asked by Morgan to please move out of the way and turn up the tv so she could watch Beth Moore. I kid you not! She had her "Get Out of That Pit" book in hand to take notes LOL!! I was in Lifeway this afternoon and I took the whole set in my purse incase today was the day someone broke into my car. I am so serious. No but if someone stole it I hope they listened to it and were changed for real!
So, I have not been this excited since stalking Lifeway for Esther. I about freaked when I saw it on my doorstep! I think I will stay up all night to watch them!! ;)


Still Learning said...

That is so awesome!! Your sweet little girl has a passion so early on, that is so wonderfully amazing. Beth Moore is just so amazing too, one of these days i will have to do her studies. I know you will enjoy it. She is so annointed.
Have a wonderful day!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

I totally just ordered it girl:)

Toknowhim said...

I love that your little one is watching too :)

Once my teaching job starts back I will be stashing some cash from each check and making the lovely purchase of this video study too... I like to purchase Bible Studies, and then share them with whoever wants to listen :) And of course Beth is among one of my all time favorite teachers :)

Blessings Jenny!!!!!