Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OK so I am not that big of a deal...

1 Samuel 15:22
22 But Samuel replied: "Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD ? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

Tonight I did something that only obedience could have demanded. I temporarily deactivated my facebook account. I wish that I was one of those people that could just exercise moderation in all things but facebook was just getting the best of me. I found myself wasting time, clicking through pictures, checking out feeds, and yes even comparing myself to others. On some peoples pages you can even see fights break out between couples and you can check back for the latest gossip. I still can't understand airing out all my relational problems on facebook, but people do it. I found myself just getting caught up in it. I even heard a child tell me that her mom did not have time to do certain things with her because she was busy playing mafia wars on facebook. We are all guilty of getting distracted but tonight when I was posed a question in bible study that had been pitched out before...I decided that more than anything I want Jesus. I don't want pseudo intimacy. I want Jesus. As I was deactivating facebook told me that my almost 1200 so-called friends were going to miss me...AS IF. Here is the question from tonight: What are you holding onto that is keeping you from Jesus that you are afraid to give up because it might cost you something? It wasn't that exact wording but you get the idea. I love people and I love communication but I was just on an overload. Not only that I had been wasting time on it and losing out on precious time that I could be spending with the Lord, or encouraging someone else. I have come to a point lately where I am sick to death of yours Sick to death. After only three decades of living I really don't want to play around anymore. I am either in this thing with God wholeheartedly or not and I am sick of wavering and not giving Him my full attention. Please hear me this post is not a bull-horn for me to tell you what to do it is me explaining why I decided to temporarily disconnect. Because I was trying to stay so connected I was losing out on my main connection which is Christ Jesus. I want and need Him more than anything so tonight I was like LORD, whatever needs to go so I can seek Your face, I am ready to relinquish it. I thought of all of the prayer requests I am going to miss out on and the precious women on some of the threads we have going but then I was reminded that God works out everything according to the counsel of His will and if I am obeying Him that is all that matters. He will work the rest out. What a relief!
So, if anyone thinks that I blocked them...I didn't. I am just blocking myself ;). When you find yourself opening facebook before you open your bible maybe you have your priorities messed I have. Whew!!

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Sheryl said...

Amen, sister. God wants all of us. No halfhearted. He's been really talking to me about that.


Renee said...

I soooo understand...and what you just shared ministered to me...thank you

HisTreasuredPossession said...

been there. 'nough said.

He Knows My Name said...

Thank you for being so open and transparent. I mean every word of that it is not just a cliche'. I am struggling with my relationship with the Lord myself right now and I am sure it is because I can find time for everything but Him.

Listened to James MacDonald today both yesterday's and today's message and I am ordering his new book tomorrow (payday) please pray with me that I get some kind of hope from it regarding my daughter and son.

Love you Jenny.


Toknowhim said...

This is my all time favorite post of yours... It resonates with me :) Boy do I wish we lived closer...we would have some good old accountability going on :)

Brooke said... toes are hurting on that one!!! :)

I actually came looking for you because I couldn't find you on facebook! So one friend did miss you but I understand your reasons and it speaks to me as well!

I was wondering if you were going to Memphis for LPM! So wish I was!!!!
I'm looking forward to Atlanta next year!

twinkle said...

Ok. Where IS that Like button? Oh yeah. That's on Facebook.

I like Facedown so much better. U no u wil b misd. <3

Understand completely, precious one.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I love you Jenny... I've totally considered doing the exact same thing. You've given me a lot to think about..

Warren Baldwin said...

You've thrown out a real challenge here, which we all need in this technological age. A convicting post. Thanks.

Mary said...

Hi. I'm new here. Found you through Lisa @ The PReacher's Wife. :) I totally understand where you're coming from. I did that for a month back in May. It was crazy how it affected me. But you know what? It was worth it. I had actually been thinking about doing it again. Isn't it funny it's such a hard thing to do? Ugh.
Thanks for being so transparent and sharing.

ajnrileysmommy said...

it's so funny i just randomly found your blog. i also just felt God so clearly speaking to me and telling me to deactivate my facebook. and for real...your friends will miss you?!?! i thought...what is this, a cult?? anyways, i found it so freeing after i did it, i just wanted to update my status to let everyone know!! :)

GratefulinGA said...

Excellent, you are spot on - No pseudo intimacy for me either!

((hugs)) dear friend