Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well, I just deleted my facebook and twitter account. I really want more time with Jesus instead of just wasting time on the Internet. It is amazing how distracted you can get with all of the venues of communication and you have a 1000 different connections with not a lot of true fellowship. I am just speaking about myself. This is not a declaration page for anyone else. So, before anyone thinks I just blocked I didn't. I will get back on when I feel I can have some semblance of self-control.
Morgan says hello!!!

OH AND FOR YOU STINKING SPAM PEOPLE!! I AM SO SICK OF YOUR SPAM (and no I am not referring to SPAM the canned meat) COMMENTS.

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Cindy said...

You're so right Jenny Hope. It is so easy to become distracted by all this social networking. It slowly begins taking up more and more time that I could be spending with Jesus.

Dedra Herod said...

Praying for you to stay focused on Him and nothing else! I love you to pieces and fully support your re-focus time.

I've got your back!

jennyhope said...

y'all I just deleted a bunch of comments along with spam...accidentally!! ugh!

Anonymous said...

Well! You have definately yanked the drawstring of control my sister. I must now have your cell # coded in so I can at least text you from time to time just to make sure all is well with your sweet soul. Will email you later this week. Love and hugs!!

ttfn, JW

Mary R Snyder said...

completely understand the need to focus on Him more than on others.

Praying for you and keep in touch.

You are a precious woman of God.

praisinyahweh said...

Sound choices ... Praying for your time to be simply at His feet.


Katie said...

Hey Jenny! I just wanted to tell you that it was so good to get to meet you the other day at the book signing. Corrie was so encouraged by meeting you and being reminded that her devotionals on her blog minister to others. I posted some pics on her blog from the other day and added the one of you and her! You are even more gorgeous in person and so easy and fun to talk to!

Oh, and I totally understand your frustration with the spam thing!

pinkmommy said...

You are so right. It is so easy to get hooked on those sites! I have recently made a rule for myself to only get on if everyone else in my house is asleep.