Friday, April 30, 2010

Going all retro and stuff...

I am pulling out an oldie. I made myself crack up reading something I wrote myself. I mean sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. I just thought I would sound really vain for a minute!

I was on facebook tonight and I cracked up at a fellow sister of mine (we are in bible study together). She has on her favorite songs "Please don't go girl" by New Kids on the Block. I was madly in love with Joey back then...I really thought we would get married one day. The Lord had another plan for me. I can still sing most of their songs to you! I ran 2 miles down the beach in Destin to try to catch a glimpse of them at the hotel they were staying at. To my horror, my sisters and I had just missed them. My life was over! My granddaddy felt sorry for us so he went to the local WalMart (of course) and purchased one of their videos for us. We must have watched it a thousand times. Enough of that! I wanted to do my own little random list of quirks and you can send me yours!

1. I can't stand all of those surveys people send out!
2. Please don't ever send me "Christian Chain Mail"you know the kind:" if you love Jesus you will forward this in the next 30 seconds or else..." Do I need to back that up with some scripture...because I will :)!
3. I carry deodorant on my person at ALL TIMES. There is a stick in my purse, my car, my backpack and just about 10 tubes in my bathroom. Ever since I have been teaching over the last 7 years I almost throw up before I teach every time and I sweat to death. If I don't sweat then Jesus didn't show up and it was Jenny teaching in the flesh! I have a phobia that I may perspire and offend people.
4. I am 27 years old and I still have acne... people come on!!! I mean when does this junk end? I went to the dermatologist and he just gave me some rip off cream! Whatever. I wanted some acutane or something but he laughed (he laughed!) and said that I did not have that bad of a case and I was being a little dramatic. Next!
5. I pretty much eat the same stuff every day (obsessive compulsive)! I am teaching my child to do the same. She seriously had like the kids meal at Chic-fil-A for a month straight. Call DHR! I would get her the 6 pack kids meal. I ate two nuggets and she ate the rest.
6. I love Fancy Cake "Little Debbie's" (Rod calls them my cigarettes. He said when I was sick recently that he was embarrassed that he had to make the purchase for me. Talk to the hand Rod because I found your stash in the drawer with the bullets you are making. All that staying down stairs to make bullets while you hoard your snack cakes...I am on to you. Proverbs 31 woman knows what goes on in her house!)
7. I am extremely competitive! I don't even let my younger nieces and nephews win at connect four! They have to learn to be tough. I also enjoy racing kids on their bicycle and winning! I want to train them to push themselves...ha ha!!
8. I like go-kart racing! I am so serious about this...I will find the fastest card and I will try to beat you! I almost had to get air lifted out of the Track in Destin because I talked so much smack to everyone that they decided to cream me. My shoe even flew out of the go-kart and on to another track I was hit so hard. You have to love that kind of lovin from your brothers in Christ. I have even been kicked out of the Track for ramming people. This other person just comes out of me when I get behind the wheel. I can't control it.
9. I WILL NOT DRIVE A MINI-VAN! Rod can keep up with the fight but he is going down on that one. He can drive a van for all I care (he's 40 so go for it paw offense to anyone)... but I will not! The wheels on my bus are not going round and round.
10. I own a Glock and I know how to use it. My dad was and is in law enforcement and I have been highly trained with the use of guns (plus I took classes on my own and I love to shoot). People always get so tickled about that and I have no idea why! I am heavily armed though because I live with a hunter. Do not try to throw any surprise parties for me. I have debated often would I shoot someone if they came in my house. I will try to lead them in the sinners prayer and I am shooting for sure :). If you don't know my sense of humor...this is not up for debate or discussion.
11. I take a shower before I exercise.
12. I wanted to get a motorcycle before I found out I was having Morgan. I am thinking I will trade the 4-Runner in for a(pink) Harley eventually. Rod thinks that is hysterical but I am very serious. No, that is not me on the bike in the pic above...but you just wait!
13. I am very serious about chocolate chip cookies. They must be baked to perfection...very soft. I am passing this on to Morgan. I have a picture of her waiting by the oven for them to come out.
14. I eat a midnight snack almost every night and have done this for years. I am about to go fix me up some purple and red skittles!
15. I do not talk before I have had my time in the word. If you need a ride to the hospital or are in an emergency don't call me until I have gotten in the Spirit. I am kidding, I would take you to the hospital. Also, it is a joke now...but I usually don't answer any of my phones. I will not be in bondage to the telephone (I don't screen usually. I just don't have the ringers on unless Morgan is at Mother's Day Out). People think I am all about the phone since I am an extrovert but that is not true. The Lord Jesus made me to have neck problems so it hurts to talk long. I do love to talk about Jesus with friends on the phone. That can take a while...I won't lie to you.
16. I shave my legs EVERY DAY! I am horrified that some girls don't. I have tried to talk myself into it...but I can't.
17. I do not like for there to be dishes in the all. When I was pregnant and on bed rest, I made Rod take a picture of the sink and downstairs so I could know in my heart that what he said was true. he he :) When you are pregnant you do crazy things.
18. I make myself car sick. I can not listen to talk radio in the car. I only listen to cds or sermons. It is automatic that I will be getting car sick if this does not take place. At least I tell Rod that. I am queen of the cd player. DJ Jenny Fresh they call me. I love to ROCK out and get my praise on especially in the car! It just goes! This is also being passed on to my sweetie. If the Praise isn't on...Morgan has a problem. No talking in the car...just singin and praisin.
19. My pjs have to match. It drives Rod crazy (he is king of not caring if he matches...dude will wear a brown belt with black sir!). Morgan has to match too.

...and you thought you knew me!

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April said...

Please explain #11... I can understand after but before?
Love you girl!

jennyhope said...

aw i miss you April! I will take 2 at least. I forgot i even wrote that!

michellemabell said...

LOL. you are too funny.

I have to brush my teeth right after I get out of the shower even if I just brushed them before I got in the shower and I can't even get close to soggy bread or cereal...sends chills down my spine.

Bonnie said...

Those were hysterical and I can relate. #2.Oh I so can't stand any kind of chain letter especially Christian, I mean come on..where's your faith people? As for #10, my husband owns a glock and I have a cat named Glock. I'm with you girl on #11. I have been showering before working out for many years. I would itch all over to the point of distraction if I didn't. And just so you know...I make the most perfect awesome chocolate chip cookies ever! Sorry but when it's true, it's not bragging! It's actually the only thing I do exceptionally well in the cooking dept. :)