Monday, October 18, 2010

What About Him?

Hebrews 3:7-8 7So, as the Holy Spirit says:
"Today, if you hear his voice,
8do not harden your hearts
as you did in the rebellion,
during the time of testing in the desert,

With great love and compassion I sit to write this post. I also write from a heart of sincerity begging you that if today you hear His voice that you do not harden your heart against Him. When we delay our obedience it is in essence disobedience yet we harden our hearts to being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. God can use whatever means He wants to communicate to you and me but mostly He speaks through His word, through others, and through the proclamation of the public reading of the scriptures. For example this week the Lord has allowed me to hear Psalm 46:10 four different times. As children of God we still learn by repetition like so many teaching methods used in schools across the world. So, apparently the Lord is telling me to literally cease striving in my own efforts, to quit squirming around endlessly trying to meet the needs of my soul. To be still and to know in my bone and marrow that He is the God of my Life and the length of my days. He will be exalted not only in my life and yours but among the nations...period. Even when His glory seems muted He will nonetheless be exalted. If the rocks have to cry out...Lord forbid...He will be exalted.

A concern I have is that so many of us are waiting for so and so to get on board with us and then we will follow God. Here are a few possible scenarios: If only we could get married then we would stay pure. Marriage does not solve a purity problem. Also, you sure can't make a clear decision when impurity is involved (no condemnation but there is a reason that the Lord calls us to just down right flee is for our good. He knows how what is intended to be sacred and holy will impact us when not in a covenant relationship). If only our husband would lead us spiritually then we would fully follow God. You are not going to stand before the Lord with anyone but you. We must cease with the notion that our spouse is going to be God to us. Do we want to miss out on Jesus because we are trying to be the Holy Spirit to someone else? Let's let God be in control of that person even when we must have a radical call to walk by what is unseen instead of what is seen. If our significant other would go to church with us then we would go. Don't wait on your husband/wife to go to church before you do. I know it is hard stepping out and going by yourself but especially if you have children...cross that border of fear and get your tail to a bible teaching church. If God would just give us that child then we would be content. What a precious desire yet we still must bring that even to rest in the hands of a loving and faithful Creator, Sustainer, and Provider. Continue to step out and believe God until the veil has been lifted from our scaled eyes that can be so easily blinded to the things of this world. Take your brokenness and pour it out like water in the Presence of the Lord. If I could get a different job then I would be happy. If we had another house then maybe we would be content. If I could just get this one person to approve of me then I would be happy. God determines your worth not anyone else. The Lord is a God who buys us back and redeems us fully. He bought us back from our fallen state and sins slavery by His cruel unmerited death on a cross. If my husband would take the lead then we would do great things for Jesus.
If others are bringing you down please don't wait on them to change before you do. Just like the woman that was hemorrhaging reach out, press in, believe, and be desperate for Jesus. In your weakness you are made strong with His strength. Reach in and get your healing even if it is a healing of your broken heart and not a physical healing. Don't wait on anyone else to find your own emotional healing and wholeness. So many of us have signs in our houses proclaiming "As for me and my house we will serve the LORD." We who are in Christ house the Holy Spirit within us. When you and I proclaim that me and my house will serve the LORD all that we can really bring into submission is our house...the temple that God has given us in these jars of clay. We can set the stage and teach our children about an intimate relationship with Christ but we do not control anyone as much as we can get a tight fist with the people we love...we are not God.

I love the picture in John 21 where Peter hears the kind of death that he will have to die and I just adore the fact that we get glimpses of humanity all in the word. He asks Jesus "what about John?" The Lord basically says forget about my agenda with him this is you we are talking about. Make it your business to follow me Peter. I love when Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. My calling and yours are not the same as far as the means yet the call is the same to follow. PLEASE let's not stand before the Throne of Grace with the "what about him" attitude. I am so guilty of wondering why God isn't being as picky with Rod as He is with me yet you know what that is not my business. I am not Rods boss. So whatever your lot for now...which is so undignified...know Him for yourself and make Him known out of that full soul. Let's press on to know Him even when life gravely disappoints. He is our treasure our very great reward.

John 21:21
When Peter saw him, he asked, "Lord, what about him?" 22Jesus answered, "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me."

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Toknowhim said...

Good words today... It is scary to think that my heart could be hardened to the things of God... Thanks Jenny...

michellemabell said...

Thank you for this very beautiful and relevant post.
yes, even when life disappoints or completely shakes you to the core...He is our great treasure and is so faithful and just.
Blessings to you,

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Did you get my messages?

LOVED this post as usual. God is working on two diff messages with my heart right now, not for blogworld at the moment, because I need to "EAT" it :) First is " Love the Lord with all your heart, mind soul, strength, and love neighbor as yourself.
and second, everything and anything about idolism. Making some changes where I think He is asking me to change, but pray if you can.
And I also messaged about the "epidemic" you told me about...hope all is better with that...for goodness sakes woman, I know you are a busy girl, but write back:)