Sunday, April 22, 2012

A few recent pictures

   Here are a few recent pics of my babies!  I can't believe how slow life used to move and it seems like the older I get, the faster it fly's!  Johanna Cosby took three of these and the last one is where baby boy was eating and I just love those blue eyes but I doubt they will stay that way!  He is such a blessing.  So far his nicknames are: Blay Blay (Morgan), Blairsy Boo (by Rod), Honey Boo Boo Child (from toddlers and tiaras) and names from me Scruffy, Scruffy McScruffers, Grumps, Grumpers, mommies baby, and Big Boy!  His real name is Blair for those of you who don't know and for the cynics of course we won't keep calling him Blay Blay as he gets older!!!  I am so completely in love with my kids!  Morgan has been a tad challenging as of late!  She is so much like me and as stubborn as they come but she has a sweet heart for Jesus!  Sometimes I forget that she is only 6!  She loves people and loves to give.  She also is the nosiest thing I have ever seen and reads everything!  There is no spelling things in front of her!  She reads my text messages and anything within an eye shot.  It is so hard after 6 years with her and her being the Queen of my Heart to have to divide my attention with her and McScruffs!  So many of you will remember how that Morgan child will not sleep!  She still doesn't!  I prayed and told the Lord over and over the concern of my heart that I would have another one that wouldn't sleep.  Little dude has to go to bed around 9 or he is like what in the world?!?!?!?!?  He is all about his sleep Praise You Lord!  Yet from the time I get up until the time I go to bed one of them requires my attention.  Its been hard staying sane.  Sometimes I wonder though if it's my hormones considering I had him, moved (and I'm not all about a world chock full of change I want some sameness) and had a hysterectomy!  It doesn't seem fair that my face breaks out and I have to dye my hair.  I should at least get a break on one of them!   As far as Morgan goes, I'm still teaching her the scriptures and praying like crazy that she will grow up to know and follow hard after the Lord Christ.  I didn't have the kind of instruction that she does and and I pray she doesn't take what she embraces for granted and that she will see the Lord as Her Life and the Length of her days!  Same for Blair!  Even though he is a mere 8 months I have been teaching him about bad girls like Delilah that may want to come his way and how he is going to have to stay away from them.  LOL!  Little dude is an overachiever already.  He wanted to crawl around 7 months and I would quickly pick him up because I didn't want him to crawl so fast.  I know I'm not right but he's my baby and my last baby!  He already says mamamama like my my my momma!  He says uh oh and da and we are pretty sure he is saying morga  since we sometimes call her morga.  The Mister is so expressive and loves the ladies so I already pray all over that heart and mind and private (hehe) in this age of seduction...I'm just begging for his purity!  Now that all of y'all think I am crazy!!!!  Here are the pics!!  So thankful for such joy from these two in a life that can be so full of hardship!

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AllisonB said...

Totally with you on praying for purity! I pray over my little man every night that he will be strong and pure and that the Lord will surround him with like-minded friends! I pray for the girls as well, that he will see beauty in purity and kindness - I pray so hard that he will be able to resist the temptresses! So grateful to be this boy's momma, but so humbled by the responsibility!