Sunday, November 25, 2012

My short cliff note version A Sadducee, and a zealot

Pharisees emphasized jewish tradition and practices that set them apart from pagan (Gentile...aka lost person)  culture. Their name meant "separated ones".  So interesting considering the word consecrated means to be set apart.  They prided themselves on strict adherence to every detail of the law. They were intolerant of people who were considered ritually unclean. They were pious and patriotic. They were respected leaders.  Think "fair"isees. NOT FAIR because our righteousness is as filthy rags and none of us are capable of being without sin. The law can never attain righteousness. Only the blood of Christ. So they were NOT FAIR to those who were pagans. Also a key difference between the FAIR isees and Sadducees (for teaching purposes to morgs I call them the SAD-U-C's like sad you see) was that the Pharisees were in STRICT adherence to the law which ultimately led to imposed burdens and rules that were man made. Think of holding liturgical values above the word of God. For example the church I grew up in held "the Book of Common Prayer" above the word of God. We didn't bring our bibles to church to even examine the scriptures. That's my experience. While the book of common prayer has some good stuff in is not the living, breathing, word of God. So while the Pharisees dotted every I and crossed every T proverbially speaking the "Sad you sees" were Jews and liked the benefits of Roman rule. This reminds me of the people who were taken captive and deported to Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar and when King Cyrus issued the decree that they could return back to their homeland (where they could worship under the Old Testament and not having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) many of them chose to stay in Babylon because of the comforts. Their captivity had been good to them. It's amazing how blind we are to the things that have been captivity to us and we prefer them over the Divine Presence of God.   So in my mind mixing in so much with culture that there is no defining Presence of God distinguishing us as believers will leave you SAD YOU SEE...from the compromise and over indulgence. They were aristocrats, wealthy, well educated, and from upper class families. Remember that the High Priest and lesser priests of the temple come from this group. Also, when we focus on man and look to a pope or priest and think they are any different from the rest as far as sin nature we will be SAD YOU SEE. No one is infallible and no one deserves our worship other that the Godhead. Respect people but don't bow to anyone but God. Look no further than the celestial encounters in the bible. The angels don't put up with the worship of man for a second. They tell anyone who falls before them almost vehemently to GET UP! DO NOT WORSHIP ME! Why? They get it. Look at the throne room scene where celestial beings do His bidding but have to cover their faces. They can't even look at Him.  One reason why I'm skeptical of any warm fuzzy I died and went to heaven and came back to tell you some stuff that God didn't see fit to put in His word stories.  Sadducees contd  They enjoyed Greco-Roman culture and as some are keenly aware of names were VERY important in the Word. Nehemiah-the Lord comforts -mary-bitter, Leah-weak eyes Immanuel God with us. El Roi- the God who sees. Jacob-deceiver Moses-drawn out you get the picture. They enjoyed the sophisticated life and were high falutin and even adopted Greek names. That reminds me so much of how the name change occurred (but not that they adopted it) in Daniel and their names were changed to give them pagan names and hopefully indoctrinate them to the point of indifference. That's the name of the enemies game.  To infiltrate your life so much so that there is no difference in the life of a believer. It's so subtle at first of course and down the slippery slope of compromise if you aren't determined to stand firm in your faith and guard yourself. Praise of man is so not worth the cost. They controlled the Jewish council (the Sanhedrin).  They were so high falutin that they lost any influence among common people. Does that ring a bell with any of the politicians of our day??  Oh and a BIG huge point I don't want anyone to miss. THEY WERE VERY MUCH A CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL GROUP!!! Please hang on to that when you think about the cross and why these different groups were so threatened by Jesus just as how so many in this world are completely intolerant of Judeo-Christianity. It's a big deal! 

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