Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun with furniture, distressing, and adding some cool factor.

First I wheeled and dealed with this dresser. It was $300 and I got it down to $75. I normally wouldn't pay that but I had a purpose for it. So I needed something for my music (we love to get our praise on and to hide CDs and wii stuff in the kitchen. So, I couldn't find my beta blocker for my mitral valve and pulled an all nighter. I decided I was going to change out the knobs and then didn't like the red ones. Then ah ha "while you were sleeping" as I say I thought I will modge podge this cool stuff on here in the center. If I like it who cares who else does? So I put a layer under and started sticking my papers in no particular order. Then I went over it with the modge podge gloss. Now a trick I always use to paint (always) is a foam brush. If I can't do something ghetto and quick then I won't do it. So I broke out my foam brushes and went to work with the cabinets, sides, and top. I then mixed some antique stuff (Martha Stewart from micheals) with my paint and did another coat. I let it dry and ran over it with steel wool pads. Then I did the top modge podge and applied a generous coat of triple thick. I adore it and if it gets messed up...who cares? And it has so much cool factor and character in person.

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