Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jonah in the belly of the fish, Jesus in the tomb, manna He provides

I love a word fitly spoken (proverbs 25:11) and this morning I was studying in Jonah and loved how timely it was that The Lord landed me to study about the 3 days Jonah spent in the belly of the great fish and how He compared His three days to that same sign that happened to Jonah. Yet more interestingly it was God that provided the large fish to swallow him. I've read and read and different commentators disagree but since it's in the scripts, and Jesus references it, ill take it to the spiritual bank. I had not planned on looking up the Hebrew word for "provided" but as it stared me in the face I saw "manah" and it hit me in a personal way. God rained down manna for the Israelites to eat and they had to go out and gather it in proportion to their need. In the same way, He has given us everything we need for life and godliness through His word as followers of Christ but we have to get up and gather that daily bread. The manna of His word and the bread of His presence. I talk to so many people who have very real issues or are stuck in a stronghold of sin but they don't want to do the work it takes to be free (we didn't get into a lot of dysfunction overnight and while He can deliver us in an instant, it usually takes time and relationship with the Lord through His word) The Lord has performed major heart surgeries on me and He never once called in an anesthesiologist because He is not after behavioral modification but after heart transformation. It's not so much about our healing as it is about knowing and believing our Healer. He died so we might live and live life more abundantly. I beg you if you are stuck that you will taste freedom and follow hard after Jesus. I'm proof that His word works. It works for you and it works for me but it scares me so much over how many people will just settle for what it cheap and live in a land of slavery when God has a place for you that even in suffering, bears much fruit...will you and I keep returning to our vomit or land of slavery? Or will we let the chains fall where they may and allow Him to bring beauty from the ashes? A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair? Once you taste and see that He is good there will never be satisfaction in what is temporary or a substitute. I'm speaking of the God of the bible not the one being pedaled by so many. He can resurrect the dead in you and in your life. I know.

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Micheal41980 said...

Thank you my dear friend!!! I loved this!!! I was living in some pretty deep sin and while I didn't changed overnight...I spent more time in his word and the more I delved into the word the less time I spent in sin... it took about 4 months, but he has pulled me out of that pit of destruction and I will NEVER return to that bondage. I refuse to ever put those chains on again! Love ya!