Thursday, November 7, 2013

Obama Care, Marxism, and a quick rant

It really bothers me when we elect someone for an office based on the color of skin. I'm one that believes that we should embrace our different races instead of trying to act like we aren't different and try to be color blind. Why can't we appreciate and embrace the fact that God made us in His image and news flash: Jesus wasn't a butt white dude. He was Hebrew and dark skinned. Hello!?!? It doesn't take rocket science. Anyway, with that being said, I say this about our many that say they are believers voted for a man based on race and not on moral values. Like the sanctity of life. That's a big deal to God. We live in a culture of great moral decline and animals have more press and rights then unborn babies. Well, I get made fun of for my love of history, but if you studied you'd see Obama and Obama care is nothing more than Marxism.

Please tell me you read "Animal Farm" and it wasn't just a requirement for honors english?! 

We are headed down a path of decline of major proportions...yet because of our own dumbed down society and a turn from Creator God to an anything goes tolerant nation. We didn't arrive here overnight. Churches have mass-marketed Jesus in the West and have failed to make disciples as long as they can have big numbers and appeal to the seeker friendly crowd, using carnal methods to attract people instead of the exaltation of Christ alone! And we wonder why peoples lives are falling apart left and right. Because we are created to worship and without becoming a disciple of Christ we will worship anything. But we are closer now than when we first believed.  It's going to be a scary day when the Great and powerful Shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. Yet I long for the Rock that smashes the statue of World Empires in the book of Daniel!  The government will be upon His shoulders. Come Lord Jesus!! 

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