Sunday, August 24, 2008

My, My, My...I miss my siestas (San Antonio-Beth Moore)

Shelly got engaged!!!! We were so excited!

Bling Bling

Me, Amanda (head siesta since she started the LPM blog) and roomie and BFF. LOL

Sweet Ashley!!!

Me, Kim, and Patty (a.k.a. ROCKSTAR) were the only ones looking at the correct camera!!

Before the conference my rock star siestas

Cheryl Baugh (The Professor) , Teri-Facedown, Stephanie-OceanMommy, Darlene (has anyone seen my keys) and me. We were posing as Victoria Secret models with the wind effects!!!

Abby-Unshackled, Lindsee-LindseeLou
They are so precious!!!

Rich! The one who takes all the pics for Beth's events. YAY for Rich!

Shelly-To Know Him

Me and James. If you were in the V.I.P know about James...LOL

Lisa the Preachers wife. She is the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen. She just finished her book "Married to the Ministry". We think it will be called that. It should be out in 09.

Now this is the most encouraging woman I have EVER met...Bev (All of them are on my side bar). I decided to adopt her as my mom this weekend. LOVE HER!!!!

This was actually my first picture taken on the trip..Supermarket Sweep is what I played here for those of you who were with me but were too embarrassed to admit it.

At the end is Nate. He sets up for Beth's events and is Shelly's man. They are the cutest things ever.

Sweet Kim at Connorcolesmom. She did most of the work (with Patty) for getting the blog thing together. She is the most organized person ever and has the most tender heart!!

We had so much fun in San Antonio I kid you not!! I wish you could have been there for those of you who could not have made it. I was just so thankful for the opportunity to go meet up with my blog friends and be able to get our praise on to King Jesus.

MORE TO COME. Fran is in the pic with me above. She is so hilarious. Fran, the 80's were calling for those shoulder pads???!!!!


Heather said...

Glad you had fun! I thought about you all and prayed for you guys all weekend. Praying helps me stay awake during those middle of the night feedings :) can't wait to hear more!

BethAnne said...

I am loving these pictures!!! Looks like you all had such fun.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Oh my!! So much fun!! You guys look so great and i am sure the King was pleased with your sweet fellowship. I was there in spirit and hope to meet up next year! lovingly,

Faith said...

How FUN!!! :) I do so wish I could have gone, and met you all in person, but getting to read about it and see pics on y'all's blogs is the next best thing. Thanks for posting!

Fran said... are my new BFF!!
I miss you Jenny!! I loved and laughed like never before!!! You have a piece of my heart girlfriend.

And, this entire post made me laugh out loud. LAUGH OUT LOUD people!!!

You the best!!!
How did the back scratcher go over?

Toknowhim said...

Great Pictures... So sorry I missed, but it is neat to see all the Siestas getting to meet :) Blessings to you!!

jennyhope said...

The Back Scratcher...he laughed but morgan claimed it as her own and it is a fork to her btw.

debra said...

I think I need to read more blogs... I haven't even been to all of these.

I wish I could have been there.

Michelle V said...

Jenny, I am sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet. I wasn't able to attend most of the Siesta stuff, but the weekend was awesome and it looks like you had a blast!


He Knows My Name said...

i've been waiting for these pictures. oh what a good time!!!! it just wasn't in the cards for me, God new what was best. love them!!!! and you look great. hugs, janel

ps. looked twice at the "james" picture thought for a moment you ran into james macdonald....whoa! :)

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

It was great to meet you. I wish I would have had more time to hang out with you and get to know you better.
R <><

Brooke said...

Loving all the pictures but ummm somethings missing....ME!!! What the crap, I mean I thought we were friends? I mean, I was so there for you during Supermarket Sweep the least you could have done was take some pictures of me!
Oh, I know what it are upset because I corrected you on CeCe's song LOVE, Lift us Up Where We Belong...hahahhahahahaha

Sorry I bailed out on you for the whole fiesta cheer...I seriously thought my head was gonna explode. No joke. I think I overdid it on the kareoke......

jaycee said...

Love your blog and your pics!
My Siesta Sue and I thought you were the cutest and funniest! WE loved your stories and hair demonstrations. Sue was next to you in the picture. (We had the pink cowgirl hats on.) Thanks for adding to all the fun at the Siesta Fiesta!
"Jaycee" a.k.a. Janet Cline from MO

Southern Alabama Mommy said...

I wish i could have gone! It looks like so much fun!! I love the picture of cvs btw! :o)