Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thursday Recap (San Antonio-Beth Moore)

I head to the airport early Thursday morning and Morgan about lost it because #1 She wanted to go see Beth Moore. #2 She wanted to go to bible study. #3 She wanted to fly on an airplane. #4 Duh I am her mom...why would she want me to leave? j/k

So, I arrive in San Antonio around 1pm. Praise the Lord my peeps were there because I didn't take any of that into consideration when I made my arrangements. My shuttle driver took a likin' to me (j/k again) and took me to my hotel last. I thought he was going to ride me around down town for hours. I was flying around in the back of that thing he drove so fast and crazy but the Lord was my shield.

I call Fran as soon as I get there and she sends me down the highway to meet them...literally. Little girl in a city she has never been in on the streets in the ghetto. LOL. I made it to the restaurant and ate off of Kim's plate. There were real live pigeons in the restaurant. I was seriously wondering where the food rating signs were in Texas. Do they do that? I also decided that our Mexican food in AL is better than TX even if we aren't the real deal...we have it beat...sorry Texas.

My next stop was CVS on Riverwalk. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, yet thought it so bizarre that a CVS was right there on the riverwalk. I think God put it there just for me this weekend...seeing as how He knows my love for CVS. I made friends with the manager and told him how I was going to get my praise on and what tourist prices that CVS had. Oreo's were 5 dollars.

Once all of my roomies got together we talked about bowel movements and etc. Those were fun times. Then, I told them of the time Rod first came over to my apartment when we were starting to date. I had lit a candle with a match in my bathroom and he went back and told his friends that I (and I quote) "took a dump" before he came over. What? I had no idea people lit matches after that kind of stuff.

Later, we headed up to the VIP lounge were Georgia emptied the fridge with no shame to take all the juices to her room...LOL! Patty totally got us in up there on the 28th floor. We met a man named James who was very stoic. I have named him Alfred the Butler. We were a little rowdy (after all God's people should not be boring) and I think we personally scared him and he wanted to kick us out of the high society VIP lounge. So, I broke the ice by asking James if I could get my picture made with him. That was all it took and we were in like flint.

I will never forget him checking his "list" to make sure Patty was really a VIP or not. LOL. He didn't want us to leave by the time we were leaving. He invited us back for dinner.

Well, I have so much to say before I get serious...but I have got to go get in the Word!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Jenny you and Fran need to make a Jen-Fran cast like Big and Boo Mama! Seriously consider it!! That would be hysterical!!!!
Love Ya!!

ocean mommy said...

I miss you so much! I think of you everytime I drive by the CVS...seriously, I'm looking for a GA backscratcher for Rod.. :)

love you

Patty said...

Is God good or what to give me status or VIP at the Marriott?!! LOL

James, well what can you say except that he treated me fine when he saw my name on the VIP list. heehee

You will stay with me forever. I am proud to know that you did have a b.m. in S.A. and that you got your praise on w/out injuring someone. LOL


p.s. do you miss us yet?