Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A few stories.

I am thinking that I am going to have to swap over to a .com or something. I am getting so much spam in my comments. It is about to drive me nuts!
I get my wisdom teeth out Monday. To say I am not looking forward to it would be an understatement.
I have been a SLACKER when it comes to my blog and it sure isn't for lack of things to say. =)

Tonight I was giving Morgan a bath and I said something to her and she replied by saying, "Mom, I am saying whatever in my heart."
I couldn't help but laugh since she is telling me that it is what she is saying "in her heart." Out of the heart the mouth speaks for sure! We can always look at our words and see what kind of condition our heart is in. I find myself constantly praying for a purified heart and one that is undivided.

Then, Morgan stayed with her MiMi and Pop this weekend and missed church. She was scrolling through my camera and about freaked out at the pictures of my friend Donna getting "babatized." a.k.a. baptized.
her: Mom why did she get babatized?
me: because she became a Christian and was letting everyone know that she was not ashamed of Christ and that she was going to follow Jesus. She was going to live for Jesus and not for herself.
her: Mom, I don't want you and dad to get babatized. How will you come back to life?
me: Morgan, we already got baptized.
her: mommy no! how did you come back to life????

She doesn't understand but I loved what she was saying because it really is symbolic of us dying to self and our sinfulness and following Christ. Death to our flesh and Life in the Spirit. She is sort of scared of all of it right now. I had to call Rod to get him to simplify it for her. I have a hard time trying to articulate things on a four year old level...very hard time.

Then, I was at the oral surgeon today and was chatting with the nurse and she told me that her little girl heard the preacher ask for prayers for "the bereaved families" and one day her girl asked her who in the world was the Bereaved family and why did they pray for this family all of the time that she has never met. I about died laughing!!!

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Still Learning said...

Those were some cute stories. I am with you on the spam. YUK. All of mine have been for male enhancement drugs. What a pain & the last few I could not delete. Weird.


Anonymous said...

hope your teeth extraction goes well....want me to make you some homemade chocolate pudding like my sweet Mimama made for me when I got mine out in high school. LOL. Rest and take the drugs and all will be fine ~~ love and hugs, JW

Cole and Holly said...

Too funny! Saying a prayer for your surgery!

Pttyann said...

Hi Jenny
Children are so cute and they do say the smartness things when we listen,and I laughed so hard about the bereaved family that was a good one!!!I hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving.
Love ya