Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morgans First Day of Big School K-5 and other pics

Here was her bday at BuildABear.

sweet girl

me and my baby

Kenley, James, Bre, Morgan, and Maddie

morgan at church!

her getting ready to ask the congregation to pray.

So before she left for school today she asked me to please not get out of the car
she wanted to go in on her own.
When she got back in the car I asked her a million questions. The funniest thing she talked about was a talk she was having with some of the kids. She was telling them that Jesus did in fact rise from the grave and her and another kid argued because he said that Jesus did not rise from the grave. Of course we told her she was right. That's some heavy duty K-5 talk on the first day. haha. She said she had a bad day. I was already hormonal, then sick with fever, so none of it all stacked well with me today. I was so sad and missed her.

her nap mat, new keens, and that ugly bag.

come on mom

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My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Jenny, I saw where you commented on Rhoda's post at southern hospitality about painting your kitchen cabinets. I re-did mine a while back and have a post on it too if you'd like to see how I did it and what the steps are. :) It's at

bye the way, your little girl is adorable. That first day of school is so hard on the mommy too. :) I think I cried all the way home when I took my boys to K on the first day. I'm homeschooling my last one, so there were no tears with him! :) OH and also you tell your little one I'm proud of her for telling that boy about Jesus rising from the grave! You might have a future missionary on your hands! :)
Have a blessed day
Missy :)

April said...

Yes - deep conversation - I can't believe how old she is now - where does the time go? Happy belated bday Morgan! It cracks me up she didn't want you to go in with her! Hope you feel better friend - lv u

pinkmommy said...

It is so hard at first, but it is so fun watching them learn so much and make sweet new friends!

1st grade starts for us this week...crazy!!!

Darla said...

very deep conversation for Kindergarten...but not to deep for a young lady who studied under Beth Moore! =D i just adore your daughter!

love you girl, praying for you, hope you are doing well