Friday, August 6, 2010

Not really important post compared to the last one....

1-this is part of my old shutter project for the fireplace. They were UGLY brown.

I bought this table for 6 dollars at the Thrift Store. I spray painted it Krylon lavender. Morgan loves purple. It is for her room. Like she needs anything else. I am going to do some other work on it.

I got this for a really SWEET price at Hobby Lobby. I just love it.

This little end table was 20 dollars.

This is my favorite from Hobby Lobby. It was $39. I love it because I have a lot of bookshelfs going on in the house but none in my room which is sort of my sanctuary of study. I normally have books in piles all over my room and the guest bedroom from where I am reading at night.

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He Knows My Name said...

I love your baker's rack from Hobby Lobby. You got some fantastic deals. I cannot believe the prices. The little table for Morgan is adorable. Please post a picture of your shutter project when it is done.