Thursday, February 3, 2011

iPod Touch 4th Generation Won't Sync

I was having problems getting my iTouch to sync. First, I prayed about it because I have no clue what to do and have messed with it before and did not want to take it to the apple store. So, I went through some settings and figured out that I had apparently uninstalled Bonjour Windows. I reinstalled it and restarted my computer and it worked! Hope it helps anyone who has the same problem.

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Emily said...

Lol Jenny! Seriously, I am laughing at this post because I have had trouble synching my ipod for FOREVER and just TODAY I was messing around with it and saw something with Bonjour but disregarded. I randomly visited your blog tonight for first time in forever and found the post about the ipod with a link and everything, how funny! Sad thing is I didn't even think about praying about it, thanks giirl, He meets our needs, even with the ipod! Take care, Emily Pridgen