Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Over communication and the breakdown of relationships

Over communication, technology, and the good and the bad with mass communication in our day:  I just saw a post where someone was saying how sorry they were over the death of a girl from a traffic accident in our area and her heart broke to find out that the young girl had gone to be with Jesus. Well, of course someone chimes in with all of the details on the girl and who hit the girl that died and etc. It flew all over me because I thought to myself is there anything sacred anymore or is our generation become that desensitized? I can't imagine how the family feels over this loss but just as equally tragic, how the person feels that hit her and what guilt they must feel and may feel for a very long time. I don't even want to know that kind of pain. Yet with "twitfacegram" (I just lumped them all together) people post things and others find out such devastating information that alters their life forever maybe by someone's tweet. Then, I got to thinking about how we are linked up and in and over and around with communication yet we are more disconnected from real life, love, contentment, and relationships than ever before. I can't tell you how many times I've had to ask rod to listen "with his eyes" because I'm not talking to him through his phone, computer, and no my mother wasn't a glassmaker so I won't be talking to him through the tv either. My kids have asked me the same thing. We are all guilty if we aren't intentional. Then, I thought man how many marriages are breaking up and broken down from mass communication? Confession: when I am in a disagreement with rod we text. Do you know how many words would be spared on both ends if we were not in this era of communication? Dude he'd have to get enough rolls of quarters and stop at every pay phone in sight for some disagreements. And before someone wants to get on here and bash me I'm just being honest and he texts me and is pretty wordy himself. Lol. But think about it. What if we exercised more restraint instead of going wait I called him 5 mins ago and why hasn't he/she answered? I'm going to blow him/her up (meaning call or text over and over) until they answer me. Really! Some of us are guilty but I'm just saying. How many relationships would still be intact if we were quick to pray instead of quick to call or text and blast someone out? What are we accomplishing anyway besides feelings of emptiness and as believers sometimes getting in the mud and fighting dirty with others all the while when His word poses the question of how can we love Him who we haven't seen if we can't even love those that we do see? There's so much noise and chaos and lack of peace because of the perpetual cycle we are in with having the ability to over communicate and acting on it instead of saying you know what...I can do this or that and say this or that or talk to this person or that person...but you know what? Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll choose like Daniel to be different and not defile myself or anyone else in this situation? Maybe I'll decide that hey I have to give an account for every idle word spoken and I'll just press pause here on this and go before the Throne of Grace and pour my heart out to God...and not go all dear diary media wise. I am not at all saying that we don't talk to the people God has strategically placed in our lives about the cares and burdens that pertain to us. We aren't called to just fellowship with Him vertically and not be in fellowship with others here on the horizon. That's enough to push anyone over the edge. I'm just saying that just because something is permissible doesn't mean it's beneficial. Self-control says I can do this but I choose not to. I choose to say yes to God and no to this. Really think about how many marriages would still be together if we were accountable and used some self-control. We are told that we are to be in this world but not of it and to not be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. So I pray someone (yes maybe that one person that read to the end) will seek to build others up and not tear them down and bless others and not gossip or slander and help me Jesus as well but maybe won't press send on that scathing text or email you are about to send. Help us Lord!  We live in a whole different age then our parents or grandparents did. Back when we talked on rotary phones that were attached to a wall. We are saying more and yet saying less. Lord sanctify us through and through with our communication. 

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