Monday, May 5, 2014

The days are like waters gone by

My kids are so different even though they look just like rod. Blair is just like me independent and stubborn. Morgan, she zones out like her dad and they'd both let me clean up after them all day long. So since Blair is my last one I had great plans to baby him. The little mister can be so mean and bossy and he argues me to death and then when I tell him I'm going to spank him he says, "spank my body". He makes me laugh, and he won't let me baby him for nothing. Morgan would still let me if I tried. So he yells a second ago: "mom (we are on formal terms at 2 yrs old. When he turns 3 he will probably call me mother) I just went poo poo in the potty. I need some pay-pah towels (tp)" and I didn't even try to potty train the boy. I love that baby smell and the smell of fresh diapers and baby lotion from head to toe. He tells Morgan to jump and she basically asks how high. We are working on that. Redeem the days Lord because they are short.  I was doing my nightly praying over Morgan and looked at that baby girl who is almost as tall as me and has the sweetest and most loyal heart I know and just groaned a little over how fleeting the days are and as I held her and prayed while she was sleeping it wasn't so easy since she's growing so fast. I'm reminded and therefore have hope that this isn't our home as believers but we only have one spin here and the only way I've had one ounce of victory or made it through many long trials is Jesus and time spent in His word. I am sinful and fail miserably as a parent but keep seeking Him and it's just all I know... "Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom". Please Lord!

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