Monday, February 2, 2009

It really is a long day when you don't do anything.

I know I have a sinus infection by the way I feel and the way my teeth hurt so I am going to the dr. tomorrow but it has made for a long day being in the bed all day.


He Knows My Name said...

will pray for you too! sounds like one to me too. my daughter has the same thing now and the little guy has a double ear infection. both on antibiotics.

praying for your health.


April in real life said...

how are you feeling? hugs!

He Knows My Name said...

How are you feeling? I hope better.

Thanking God for you sweet girl.

hugs, janel

Anonymous said...

Jennie, I love your blog qnd your love for THE Lord. I know it is a silly question, but in one picture on the 2nd page, you are siting on the floor with your Bible and purse - I love the purse, would you please tell me where you bought it? Stay in THE WORD - you really inspire me.
Nancy in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny-Love your blog and your love for Our Lord. On the second page you are sitting on the floor reading your Bible and there is a purse beside you- I know it is silly - but where did you purchase that bag - I love it!!
Nancy in North Carolina

jennyhope said...

Oh ps I got the bag in San Antonio. I gave it to my mom because she really liked it. It was in a random shop.