Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have not kept up with my blog like I want to lately but I am back!! I have been learning so much and it just seems I have had no time to write it out! I really want to get time to share about some stuff I am gleaning from the plagues in Exodus. Morgan is sick with pneumonia again and that sinus infection had me down for about a week but I am good to go!! =)
This is so good from Pastor Greg Laurie:

Homesick for Heaven

He has planted eternity in the human heart . . .
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Have you ever really been homesick? Even in a beautiful place, surrounded by people you really like, you want to return home as quickly as possible. As they say, there is no place like home.

No matter what your actual home on earth is like, there is one home that all of us should be very homesick for. That place is called heaven. Deep inside of us, there is a homesickness for heaven, almost as though we have a homing instinct guiding us there.

It's amazing how God has built the homing instinct into animals. Against all odds, salmon come home from the sea to spawn in the rivers of their birth. In San Juan Capistrano, year after year, the swallows return to their nests at the mission. There is something built into those fish, those birds, that brings them home.

God has built that into each of us, too: an instinct, a desire, a homesickness for heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, "He has planted eternity in the human heart." And because of that, we will never be fully satisfied with this life. Nothing will ever measure up to heaven.

You were created to know God. You were created to go to heaven.

God has put this homing instinct in you, and it will only be satisfied when you see Him face to face. Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to go home?


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...


We've been dealing with the loss of a teacher this week at my girls' school and talking lots about heaven. This came at a great time!



Toknowhim said...

Hey Girl,

Glad you are back... I can relate, and it plays out for me that even when I have had the best day I think I could have, there is that longing for more...more of what really lasts, because so much of this world will not last...I am slowly trying to learn to live with a heavenly perspective..

Blessings and hope your little one feels better...

twinkle said...

The Travis taping made me more homesick for heaven.
Not for the golden streets, or the mansion in glory...
I just want to see Jesus.
That's all.
You will all just have to get behind me, because I will be FIRST in line to hold Him.
He's held me together so many times! I want to hold HIM!

HIS Child said...

I love that you shared Pastor Greg's message. He lost his first born in a car accident and he has talked about the change in his heart regarding heaven. I am glad that you are on the mend. My boys are really under the weather with the flu, yucky. Pray a covering over me I really would like to miss this one.
God bless you,

Fran said...

YES YES YES!!! Thanks Jenny.
I love ya. Miss ya. Always praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Been missing you. Take care of Morgan and see you soon!

Lora said...

Take care of you and Morgan. I've missed you!

puzzlepiecesista said...

Some days I just sooo...long for heaven....for Jesus, The One and Only!! I wish I could be "taken up into heaven" in a whirlwind like Elijha or John, the way he got to see his visions. I only know that I would never want to return. But for now Jesus has me right where He wants me and needs me here to help accomplish his plans and purposes and I'm good with that!!

Great word Jenny....been prayin' for you all!

In His Love,
Angela in Redmond, WA

Cheryl said...

Yes! Thanks for a great post. Enjoyed this one! Hope you are feeling much better and really soon.

Anonymous said...

That is so true, especially when we want to escape from the every day struggles with the flesh. Sometimes we desire so much to do right and to do good that we are crushed when we fail because the flesh gets in the way. When Jesus returns for those who are his there will be no more of these fleshly struggles. There will be freedom at last!