Saturday, March 7, 2009


Rod's poor parents. I have told you how Morgan does not sleep well. There is NOTHING normal about it other than the fact that her mother "me" was the SAME way. For example. My mom was divorced when I was about one and I can remember being 4 years old and getting up in the night to make milkshakes (with raw eggs in them and vanilla extract--ew and milk...don't do that at is a wonder I am alive). I would wake my twin sister up since we shared a room and tell her that we were going to throw a party for ourselves and she needed to GET UP! I couldn't have a party by myself of course. So, I would go get food out of the refrigerator (eggs, bacon, raw hotdogs, velveeta cheese) and we would have a party. My mom was FURIOUS when she got us up the next morning and I was sleeping with raw bacon and had hotdogs in my side drawer. We were on a budget! Anyway, I have always been weird with sleep. So Morgan goes to bed last night at 10pm, mind you she had gone strong all day long with no nap. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO MISS A THING. She then wakes her MiMi up this morning at 5:00am and says "Good morning MiMi." MiMi told her that it was not time to wake up. Then, Morgan asked if she would turn the tv on after she went to the window to make sure it was really still dark outside. At 6:00 am she says MiMi we need to get up I have to go feeshin' (fishing since they live on the lake). They are even going to let her stay another night after all of that! Whew!!

ps. Rod was watching Morgan for me so I could study and guess what: She cut her hair! I got to her in time. She had only taken one chunk out with child safety scizzors.


Pttyann said...

Hello Jenny
I did so enjoy this post it is so sweet! I also love to go feeshin.
Numbers 6:24~26

He Knows My Name said...

This is too much! :) What a pistol. What is it about kids wanting to cut their hair. My niece did it too. It was so bad it had to grow out...took forever!

hugs, janel

connorcolesmom said...

Ok that is FUNNY!
I am just getting caught up on all the posts since I have been off the computer since Thursday
I love your heart Jenny - you make me laugh!
I am seriously considering comingup April 28th - I will let you know
love you

Faith said...

Oh my, I hope my little twins don't do stuff like that when they get bigger! Somehow though I have a feeling they will; my first impression of AJ when he was just a few hours old was, "He looks mischievous!"