Sunday, March 15, 2009

poo-poo medicine

I just have to share this again.
Morgan asks me everyday if my drink has poo-poo medicine in it. In public or at home it is non-stop. I am glad I am not moved by this topic or I would be so upset with her when she says it so loud!
So, I walk in her room and she is playing in her rose-petal cottage. I was listening to what she was selling to her pretend customers, and it was poo-poo medicine. I about died laughing. She even went as far as to get her cups and fill them with water or pretend poo-poo medicine.

We really need to be the poster children for Miralax. LOL

Any funny stories?


lavonda said...

I've got one from just a week ago:

Pastor Johnny had mentioned at the end of the morning service that they'd be talking about the Rapture that night. While we were eating at Boston Market after church, Emily (8 yrs old) asked me out of the blue, "Mama, what is this Rapture thing and how many of them are there gonna be?"
So I started explaining it, about Jesus coming back, who'd be taken, who'd be left... Then I gave her the example that, if He came back while we were in this restaurant, us and anyone else who believed in Jesus would be gone to Heaven instantly, and anyone there who didn't believe would be left behind. Her eyes got really big and she asked, "Well, WHEN'S HE COMING?!?" I told her nobody knows... it could be in 5 minutes or it could be in 500 more years. She seemed to get it, but just sat there quietly. We went on eating. After several minutes, she looked at me with a very concerned look and said, "Well, if He comes in 5 minutes, can I take my corn with me?"


April said...

Cracking me up!!!

mandy said...

I don't have ANYTHING as funny as this. wow...

Gotta be careful what you tell your kids. Good lesson to learn by watching someone else's mistake.

Bev Brandon said...

thinking of you tonight...
that little girl is absolutely precious!

Lori said...

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