Monday, July 6, 2009


I have been getting up super early lately and I spent the weekend at the lake with such a peaceful view of the river and I truly could feel the closeness of the Lord as I wrapped a blanket around me and took it all in. Rod's parents always have such a peaceful home. I can remember when we first started dating and I went to meet his parents for the first time. Our pastor had just preached a sermon and said that whatever your spouses mom or dad looks like...just remember your man will look like that in 50 years. He was talking about looks not being everything. I pull up to the house and I was so nervous. He was taking me to meet his parents on Easter of all weekends. His dad and uncle were outside putting a swing set together and his dad had his shirt off with a bandanna around his head sweating to death! I have never seen him with a bandanna or his shirt off again. My best friend used to date Rod and told me how his parents had a mansion. I was so worried that they were going to be snooty and proper. I could not have been more wrong. All I could say was that I felt peace.

Anyway, I am no writer at all but here are some words the Lord put on my heart the other morning:

Born in to sin from the start
before the foundations of the world, set apart.

the tenderness of God led this child
I am sure with this angel was wild (Matthew 18:10).

tattered and torn...
For being so young I sure felt worn.

feeling unloved
I tried to fill my empty places with anything but heaven above.

A heart for God
but to blind to see
I was still in charge
yes, just me.

reckless, destructive
doomed to failure on my own.
I came to the end of the road
with a decision to make...
would I surrender
or make the most costly mistake?

Void and empty in my quest for love.
You chased me down and initiated something divine; something from above.

I never knew of unfailing love.
Save me I cried from the recesses of my soul.
PLEASE come fill this gaping hole!

You reached down from on high and took hold of me.
Oh how I needed You but I was too blind to see.

You changed my name from despair to hope.
There was no going back
this was no joke.

You set my feet upon a rock-
put a new song in my heart-
gave me a firm place to stand.
You have walked with this road with me hand in hand.

You mended me
healed me
taught me to see-
that You are the only One I truly need.

You've gone before me
You've lifted my head-
Awakened places that I thought were long dead.

Fought my battles
routed my enemies
Oh what must take place
in the heavenlies only You know.

I have left Your side and tried to fill myself
Blinded by this world and my stinking self!
Oh why would I leave the God that I love?
Take my heart and seal it for Thine courts above.

Merciful, faithful, true, and just-
at times You have had to discipline me
it was a must!
"This is for your good", I would hear
Your still small voice say.
I love you too much to leave you this way.

Sifted me like wheat, broken and torn
Once again I found out I can't do this on my own.

You have forgiven me, restored me,
when I ran to a far country alone.
I know You shed tears
and longed for me to come home...
searched the horizon until I returned.

Accepted me
redeemed me
You already paid for my sin.
Finished-done-gone with the wind.

Holy, holy holy are You Lord
Your ways are unfathomable
to much for my brain to hold.
Wonderful, Majesty, full of unfailing love.

There are none like You
I know not One.

Thank You for washing me
changing my clothes
giving me garments of fine white linen robes.
A garment of praise
no spirit of despair

Please come Lord Jesus
I long to meet You in the air!

1 Chronicles 29:11
"Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is Yours."


Little Steps Of Faith said...

You silly goose...:) You are TOO a writer:)and its beautiful! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

BonnieO said...

Why do you preface your wonderful writings with words like "I'm not a writer"? Of course you are and thank you for sharing the words God puts in your heart. You are a champion for HIM!

He Knows My Name said...

WOW! Jenny this is great. He has blessed you is many ways and writing/expressing yourself is one of them.

Hope your scope went well.

hugs, janel