Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Anniversary!

happy anniversary to my man!!!!!!!! Funny story: I buy my own presents so I will get what I like. I have no hard feelings about it...I really like it. I am not one who needs flowers and I don't think he needs to jump through hoops to please me for a birthday or anniversary. I do love written words of affirmation. So, I lost my wedding band a while back and I found one I really liked and he told me I could buy it. So, I was leaving to go run and then go get my ring and Rod said: "Hey babe, get yourself a real nice card while your at it!" We died laughing!!!

But really the Lord has been so faithful and merciful to us.


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary. I praise God for the years you have shared. May there be many more years of loving and serving together.

Blessings ~ Lisa

fuzzytop said...

Happy Anniversary Jenny! I laughed at Rod's line about buying yourself a nice card... Totally hilarious!


twinkle said...

Answered prayer! I love you, girl. You are a mighty warrior of The LORD!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy to you both! Hugs, JW

Jennifer said...

That is very funny and reminds me very much of my husband and I.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Happy Anniversary:)
Hope its a wonderful day!
Text it up sometime soon woman!

Toknowhim said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

I agree with hubby can give me cash and I would be happy... I just like that he is willing to try to find something, but like you need to jump through hoops :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. Show us your ring when you get it! Hope you have a blessed day.
Nancy in NC