Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hello All 2 People Who Read my Blog!!

So much to say...
I have been doing Beth Moore's (IMAGINE THAT) latest release "Here and Now...There and Then".
I have heard that it is on back order at some of the stores in Alabama but for the last couple of months I have been able to find it at mine just fine. I was shocked that Lifeway stocked it since it is through Living Proof but I am so glad they did! Drives me crazy when it takes a whole year for one of her studies to come out...yet they are worth it!
Anyway, digging a little deeper on my own I have been convicted to the core. Just a few things for application in my own life: A Call to WAKE strengthen what remains. Yes that is in the letters to the churches yet I personally need to look a little closer at my own walk and testimony. I don't want to walk through this life blind to the things of God because I was too full of the world to be able to see. With all of the facebook, twitter, text, email it is so hard to not get sucked in to the trap of mile wide communication with and inch deep of intimacy. For me personally I am not one to do most things in moderation...just sayin'. I was fine before all of those forms of communication but lately I have not been fine. I have seen where I have just plain been distracted. My heart is to be rich toward God and not fall in the trap of over communication and feeling like I will miss out on someones fb status telling me that Walmart was out of strawberry eggo waffles. I mean seriously. All of these forms of communication can be great tools but again I just fall into the trap of time wasting. There is so much about the Lord I want to know here on this earth and I sure don't want to stand before Him and say Lord, I know there was much to be had...but Father...I needed to check facebook. So...that is one of many areas from that one verse that have just hit me where it hurts.
Go here with me for a second: So many of you know that our first daughter, Shelby Hope, was born premature and is with Jesus...I have TERRIBLE pregnancies. Any of you that read my blog should be ever so thankful that I was not blogging during that time...ha! My pregnancy with Morgan was terrible, yet worth it, to say the least. I had MUCHO bed rest-o! Much bed rest. I thought I was the brute beast before the Lord in psalm 73 from being in the bed. The day I had her (I had been home for a month or so) I drove myself to the hospital but I had not walked in a few months. My rebellious self had to leave that hospital and I would also scoot down the stairs when no one was with me just so I could leave the room. So, needless to say I had some atrophy going on. I remember these crazy things I had to wear on my legs they made movement or something and I had to have those bad boys on at.all.times. Talk about a stinking pain when they are attached to the bed and you have to take them off every time you have to go to the bathroom as a pregnant woman goes to the bathroom. So, after I came home from the hospital I was physically week since any pregnancy for me requires not being on my feet for longer than ten minutes and not lifting over ten pounds...THE.WHOLE.TIME. So I was weak. I could bore you for paragraphs more but I won't...glory! Oh, one more thing. When I went shopping I was the girl in the electric wheelchair at WalMart who would ride around and then jump up out of the chair to reach what I needed and then sit back down. You know the people of WalMart site would have been all over that one seeing as most of the time I was not showing that bad until 5 or 6 months. Anyway, me ever so caring what people think, wanted to attach a sign to my chest that read: Really, I am pregnant, not lazy...and attach a picture of her ultrasound for proof because of course the wheelchair police may come by at any given moment. as.if. Just like when I was in Target recently and I had my eyes dilated. I had to wear sunglasses and seriously I told people that I normally would not wear sunglasses in a store but for the fact that I had just had my eyes dilated. I know they wanted 30 seconds out of their life back from that. So, application wise when I am not staying in tune with the Spirit I am obviously having a trade off for walking in the flesh. When I am not sensitive to the Holy Spirit I feel like I am asleep to the things of God. I sure don't want Him to have to give me a wake up call...I would like to beat Him to the punch. Yet, the Lord in His each of us opportunity to repent of the ways that are causing us to be ineffective. I uttered the words a minute ago that I am MISERABLE apart from a full dose of Jesus and the filling, instead of quenching, of the Holy Spirit. Anyone still reading is probably like dude she needs to quit writing at 3:08 am. I have been affectionately known as RANDOM for these reasons.
So, again...wake up! Get out a pen and paper and ask the Lord to convict you of things that you may not even be aware of. That is the Holy Spirits job. Our hearts can get so calloused from just living life that we may not even know how we descended to the place we now are. Ask Him for a few things that need to go. Then, in place of their departure fill up what lacks with learning scripture, spending more time in prayer, serving (preferably after you have been filled so you will have something to offer from your cup!) bible study. Something that breeds true joy instead of pseudo intimacy.
I have been dissecting the letters to the churches in Rev. and have asked God to not let me get bit by the bug of familiarity. He has been speaking loud and clear thru them to me!
We have to truly put our faith to the test and stretch the muscles that matter in our walk with Christ. We need to engage fully with our hearts, our minds, our mouths, and our hands and feet! And maybe too we should shake our booty in the devils face just to show that ancient serpent that by the blood of Christ and His resurrection that we are more than conquerors.
Oh and quick story: I told Morgan that the only people we are to HATE is the devil and his co-horts. She is cracking me up because she will say..."I hate the debil (not with a v)."

I guess I need to get going to bed which is why I was really writing anyway. I know that some of you have just been so stinking loyal to me and flat our encouraging. Over the last 6 years I have been NO stranger to trials health wise. For a stretch I really became a constant prayer request. I really feel bad for asking on here but if you think of me please pray for me. I have been "writhing" in pain tonight and for the past few days. So many of you know that I have a bad neck. Well, I went for ANOTHER (out of a billion) MRI Thursday. I possible have a pinched nerve or a herniated disk along with my neck being shaped wrong at the top in the first place. When my neck goes out it is the worst pain of my life. I would rather give birth 50 times over than go through that. I can't even move without terrible pain when all of that happens. So...I am in pain with my neck. One of the muscles is pulling to the left and causing me to not be able to turn my head. I have shooting pains down my back and arm. I don't want to complain as I have been dealing with this since I was 12 or 13. If anyone in my family gets wind of me starting to have the neck junk they all get worried and nervous about it since they have witnessed it going out and disfiguring my face over and over. God love them! I have tried everything you can imagine for almost 18 years doctor wise in an attempt to get some relief. However, as I get older it is worse. Every doctor says the same thing...they are sorry they have not seen anything like it and I had to have injured it but there isn't much that can be done. Hey...but God! He can do whatever He wants to do. Next to having my bible, I have to have my special pillows and my heating pad. Thank you in advance for any prayers. I hope to be able to share some more tomorrow! Much Love

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michellemabell said...

Jenny I am praying for you! I have never experienced neck pain but can only imagine how awful that is.
You are going to love The Here and Now study! I just finished it and actually thought of watching it again this summer. One can never get too much of the book of Revelation. :)
I just loved how you summed up: a call to wake up! And how you wrote how God in His Godliness gives us an opportunity to repent. To really grasp that. Amazing.

Have a blessed day.
Praying for you!

Toknowhim said...

I enjoy these late night posts... So sorry about the constant pain you have been in. I was sick this week with the flu and I felt totally useless... I can't imagine something that is constant and doesn't go away. Knowing that God is there gives us a since of hope..

I totally understand what you are saying...if you are up to reading a wonderful, challenging, hard to read book...may I suggest David Platt's book "Radical". I really think you would like it, and it goes with so much of what you have talked about on your blog over the years... I am still trying to figure what to do with the information I have read... Let me know if you read it..

Blessings Girl...


April Mechelle said...

You are in my prayers too. I have had neck pain, not as bad as yours. I am going to look for The Here and Now Study. Thanks for sharing this.

jennyhope said...

Y'all are so precious to me!! We are in session 8 of Revelation and I mean whoa!!
Also I am reading Radical! I love how God is working among His people. I just love y'all!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Jenny! I'm praying for you. I'm so sorry you've had to live with so much pain.
Loved your late night thoughts... I agree!
Can't wait to do the Here & Now study myself!

Jessica said...

I hope you start feeling better soon! Bless your heart! Hugs from Arkansas! : )

Bonnie said...

This blog was so right-on to what I have been experiencing lately. God showed me on Saturday(before I read your blog) that I have been operating with the mind of the world rather than the mind of Christ. It was so clear to me the areas I need to change. I could not have seen that on my own. I have been disrespectful to my husband and so focused on his problems that I forgot to pray for him. In fact I forgot to pray at all for a few days! I didn't forget to check my facebook though. And I was totally convicted. But God is so gracious. I got down on my knees and He gave me so much insight and clarity to everything around me. My husband, children, friends etc...God showed me that the problems I see in others is not a reason to worry or be negative towards them but rather clues on how to pray for them. Duh! When will I get it? I'm a lot older than you and still doing this. I am amazed at the patience of our God!
Just so you know, I pray for you all the time. I really do.
Amazing Blog from and amazing girl! Thanks so much.