Sunday, June 27, 2010

She is five

Jenny get a grip. I love to speak in 3rd person.
We just celebrated Morgans 5th birthday! I can't believe it. Some of you on this blog have watched her grow even to this age. Let me just type out a few Morgan-ism's mainly for me to remember.

For Morgan (where do I even begin?):

-you are one of the greatest sources of laughter ever!
Just yesterday you poured my $10 bottle of body wash in the tub to make bubbles. You knew way better. I proceeded to tell you that you were paying for another bottle out of your own money. You then said, and I quote, "OK Mom but get it at Wal-Mart because it is cheaper!"

Whenever I ground you from television you say, "that's OK mom, I will just watch Fox News!"

You have a red mark in the shape of a J on your forehead. Whenever you cry it appears. In your hospital pic it is very visible. So, I was telling you how Jesus knit you together in my womb and how you He took His finger and made a "J" for Jesus on your head. Then, I told you a couple of weeks ago how we in Christ are sealed unto the day of redemption and how we have a mark that is probably visible to the unseen realm. You looked at your cousins and said, "I have a J for Jesus on my head. Because I believe in Jesus. What mark do you have on your head? Whew! I could teach a whole lesson on that!!

Last month you went to bible study with me. When we got there someone asked you to tell them a bible verse. You did. Then you proceeded to talk about "booty stank"! I about died. You were then grounded.

You love Beth Moore. You always ask when you are going to go over to her house and play. ha! Too bad she lives in Texas!

You can pretty much talk your dad into everything.

You call your Aunt Steph everyday at work. We all forget that you are now 5 going on 30. She is your favorite. You ask her most everyday what she had for lunch or how her day is going?
-You were leaving her work the other day (so she could watch you after the booty stank episode) and she was waving to her boss. You then asked who she was waving to. She told you her boss Lam. You said, "oh you are waving to your mom?" Steph told you no and she explained that his name was Lam like a llama. You then said, "Oh, Obama our president...we don't like him." We about died!

You are my snuggle bunny! You LOVE to shop.
You start kindergarten soon and you want me to be happy for you!

I think you have the gift of mercy because you tell me that you feel sorry for just about everyone.

I love when you say Praise the Lord over something!

I love how you tell me I am your b.f.f. and you even gave me a bff necklace to wear.

Well, now I am getting sad about the queen of my heart being five. My heart just aches over how fast things are going.
I love you more than words could ever tell.

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Yolanda said...

I look forward to the "Morg-isms" each and every day. She blesses many of us, as well as her sweet and precious Mamma.

ocean mommy said...

Can't believe she is 5!!! Love her Morg-isms. :) Precious and what a blessing.

love you!