Friday, October 25, 2013

Denial and acceptance

Failure to move beyond denial makes acceptance near impossible. Whether it's denial over sin, denial over reality, denial over the truth, denial over what might have been... You can't move onto acceptance and wholeness until you own up to whatever you're in denial about. It means taking a hard long look at maybe even the lies you've told yourself for so long that you've believed them...but letting The Lord search you and taking steps to face up and accept some things about your current estate. Saying goodbye to something's. Obedience isn't always easy especially if longstanding periods of disobeying got us where we are. But small steps in the right direction and willing to obey has to happen before your heart and mind change. However, the only way I know for a renewed mind and change is Gods word. Living in it. Allowing Him to heal you of waywardness or brokenness. When you try not to think about something or someone if you are like me you are like ok great plan but if I try not to think about xyz then I'm thinking about not thinking about it and I'm thinking about it. To take your thoughts captive you have to replace them. Put them on Gods word. It's the only way I know for liberation and wholeness. Letting Him thrill us and meet us in our barren places. Until then...we will only pine away for what isn't...and maybe wander around in a wasteland never moving on to the promised one. We have to exercise the will to obey. It doesn't come natural. Speaking to myself of course. ;) 

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