Sunday, October 27, 2013

What goes up must come down--cause and effect and consequences of sin

Ok I can't come to grips with people who can grasp Sir Isaac Newtons famous quote, "what goes up must come down"...but then can't come to grips with the cause and effects of sin. In His Great Love and Mercy we are not consumed. Let me mantra is psalm 130 before anyone misunderstands me. But when others douse themselves in kerosine and light the match to their own flame and burn everything to the ground around them. Then, almost as if they had some temporary amnesia...never-mind the fact that they have shipwrecked their faith and family for the lust of the flesh...they come back and can't understand why people are hurt and relationships are torn and trust is broken.  It amazes me every-time!!! Then, if I've heard it once...I've heard it over and over...they are forgiven by God now and free without any repentance or cooperation with The Lord to be free or any proof of godly sorrow that leads to repentance...and if you don't get on board with that then you are some bitter, unforgiving, judgmental Christian!  How about NO!  Forgiveness as far as it depends on you doesn't mean reconciliation of relationship with a destructive unrepentant person!  Watch the counsel you get and compare it to scripture. People will try to emotionally manipulate you and twist scripture even to mess with your head and the devil did it to Jesus in the wilderness. Don't ever ever make the grave mistake of thinking He didn't come as fully man even though He is God (Phil 2). He was tempted in every stinking way we are and was without sin!!!! Every way!!! Even when people try to pin their sin on you as the excuse...they are calling God a liar and saying He didn't provide a way of escape. He did. (I'm not talking about true victims of abuse or childhood abuse either as I want to be so sensitive to that) They just chose not to take it!!! Again, I'm not being like James and John who were nicknamed the Sons of Thunder. I don't want to call down judgment or fire on anyone!!! That's not my seat!  I'm just saying why can we so clearly understand gravity and not get that we have consequences for our choices.  It's what's wrong with this victim mentality society we live in. No one wants to turn their finger in but only point and blame others. Even if others have failed you miserably, broken your heart, set you up for temptation, rejected you, abandoned you and the list goes on....are you going to live in a prison of victimization your whole life pining away over it and trying to get someone or something to pay you what you feel is owed only to come out worse off? How long will you lay in defeat over something that was done to you or not done 20 years ago? By Gods grace I would beg you to throw yourself at the mercy seat where the curtain was torn in two and we have access to the Most High Priest and fall into His hands like David said.  With Him is unfailing love and with Him is full redemption.  Even if you have shipwrecked things...your life isn't over!!!! Pick up His word. Deeply repent and use all of that to pay the enemy back as you seek to snatch others from the flames and turn a sinner from his ways. We are still supposed to be our brothers keeper!!! Godly sorrow leads to repentance and moreover relationship with our creator through committing to the process of knowing Him.  You can't lay one idol down without picking one up.  He has to be exalted over all until you say get away from me and throw those other idols in your life away like the bible says, "like a menstrual cloth". We live in a world where it's so hard to hear from all the noise and will we trade our inheritance for a bowl of stew, for what is cheap? For what brings shame? For what we've been redeemed from? Or will we go after Him? He is worthy and He is proved right always. Take it from someone who knows and y'all NO I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT ME OR ANYONE in my immediate family.  

Let's deal with our stuff quickly and cry out to Him for help!  He does not treat us as our sins deserve. 

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