Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY arts and crafts from tonight

Here is a dresser I've been working on. It is so sentimental because it is almost identical to my childhood dresser. I used to open the doors and change behind them for privacy since I shared a room with 2 of my sisters. 

Then this is a random thing...I cut this ceiling tile in the shape (almost) of Alabama and wrote a verse in the middle. 

This is a wreath I made for a dear friend. Hope she likes it....because it has a whole lot of ribbon going on. 

This is just a basic initial I do once football gets going. 

Oh and how I can't wait for Sadie Reese to get here. This is for her party. 

So I was sick of making Alabama stuff and redid my auburn w from last year. 

This is a football I made to hang at my parents house. 

I made this for my sweet neighbor but need to add ribbon. 

This was so fun. Nails and twine 

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