Friday, June 20, 2014

Morgan's 9th birthday

Yes I rhyme but Morgs is going to be 9 this week and that is sort of causing me to freak!!!

Now I lay me in the bed

All of a sudden I have feelings of dread. 

Morgan will turn 9 this week...

Where has the time gone?

Have I been asleep?

I want to stop time 

But it's like chasing the wind.

Even though she's only nine 

I've always known that she was the Lords & not mine...

My prayer for her has always been that she'd love The Lord with everything within...

Only The Lord knows what she means to me. 

With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat i realize that these days are numbered and this is not our home...

However, I cherish the days we've had so far...

From the moment she was laid on my chest there was no more  room to self protect...she held the key to my heart, unlocked it and then threw it away... After June 24th 2005... I'd never ever be the same. 

This long anticipated 5lb baby girl, was used by God to heal my tattered heart in places I didn't even know. 

And still keeps using her and teaching me as I go. 

I fail, I fall, I'm as imperfect as can be

But I doubt she will ever say, "my mom didn't love me!" 

She's giving and caring and sometimes too daring. She's loyal, brave and a lover of truth...she has her flaws but don't we stinking all??

Praying she loves The Lord for all of her days and that she will acknowledge Him in all of her ways. Take hold of Him my child because He isn't words on a page...NO! He is your life and the length of your days. 

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