Monday, March 5, 2007


Lately I have noticed that I have not been as diligent as I once was in certain areas. I guess you could call it lazy. Maybe you could say I have made allowances for certain things that I dont need to make allowances for: a loose tongue, listening to long, not working as diligently as I should, and a whole host of other things. I have been studying 1 Peter 4 and just struggling with the sin nature and wanting to be free from sin. I have been extremely discontent with where I am in my walk with the LORD. I have not been as focused as I need to be and I am begging Him to come afresh to me today and renew me. This week He has been giving me these verses and I have been reminded that when we let our guard down and aren't taking heed to His word and prayer we give the flesh and the enemy an open invitation into our walls of fortification. It is so easy to let your guard down...let it down a little more...and then a little compromise leads to sin overtaking you. So the Lord is calling each of us today to wake up from our sleep. When I think of waking up, I think of being sober minded...pushing back the clouds of confusion that have blocked our view of Christ. Remove whatever it is in your life that is causing spiritual blindness or callousness of heart. Get on your face, cry out to Jesus for clean hands and a pure heart. He is so faithful when we confess to forgive us and cleanse us and renew our passion for Him. Put the phone down, turn the tv off, get off of the computer, get out of the mall, whatever is distracting you....get your eyes back on Him.

Matthew 26:41
41 "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

The word for watch in the greek is: gregoreuo {gray-gor-yoo'-o}
Meaning: 1) to watch 2) metaph. give strict attention to, be cautious, active 2a) to take heed lest through remission and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one

Take heed to his words that apply just as much to us today (especially us in the time of constant distraction and temptation to compromise) as they did to is disciples then.

Ephesians 5:13-17
13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible,
14 for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: "Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."
15 Be very careful, then, how you live-- not as unwise but as wise,
16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.

Here is another reminder I got from the Lord regarding this today:

March 5, 2007

1 Thessalonians 5:6

There are many ways of encouraging the Christian to stay awake. First, let me strongly advise Christians to talk to each other about the ways of the Lord. In Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Christian and Hopeful, on their journey to the Celestial City, said to themselves, "To prevent drowsiness in this place, let us fall into good discourse." Christian inquired, "Brother, where shall we begin?" And Hopeful answered, "Where God began with us." Then Christian sang this song:
When saints do sleepy grow, let them come hither,
And hear how these two pilgrims talk together;
Yea, let them learn of them, in any wise, Thus to keep open their drowsy slumb'ring eyes.
Saints' fellowship, if it be managed well, Keeps them awake, and that in spite of hell. Christians who isolate themselves and walk alone are very liable to grow drowsy. Keep Christian company, and you will be kept wakeful by it, and refreshed and encouraged to make quicker progress on the road to heaven. But as you enjoy fellowship with others in the ways of God, take care that the theme of your conversation is the Lord Jesus. Let the eye of faith be constantly looking to Him; let your heart be full of Him; let your lips speak of His worth. Friend, live near to the cross, and you will not sleep. Work hard to impress yourself with a deep sense of the value of the place to which you are going. If you remember that you are going to heaven, you will not sleep on the road. If you think that hell is behind you, and the devil pursuing you, you will not loiter. Would the innocent sleep with the enemy in pursuit and the city of refuge before him? Christian, will you sleep while the pearly gates are open--the songs of angels waiting for you to join them--a crown of gold ready for your brow? Ah, no! In holy fellowship continue to watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation.

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