Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BAG BALM and some other random things!

***Edited to add...I woke up this morning with no breakouts...GLORY! The Bag Balm must be ok.***

Tonight, I went to the Pet Department in Wal-Mart and I purchased this BAG BALM.
So, I rubbed it on my face (can you believe it?), feet, and hands. If my face is broken out tomorrow I am going to freak. Also, I have no cows or anything but I am trying this little beauty tip on my skin. You never know till you try right? I will never forget the time Rod's granny mailed us all creams that she had ordered from CVS. She ordered Rod a bunch of facial creams and even lip balm in the shape of a tube of lipstick. As if the manliest man I know was about to be using a tube of white/clear lipstick. I laughed as I threw it in the trash the other day. Anyway, the creams didn't work for me...but don't you just love getting CVS cream for Christmas! LOL! It was the thought that counted right!

On another funny note I asked Rod to tell me the size on a pair of pants and he said one half. Do you get it 1/2?? LOL! He is pretty clueless when it comes to ALL THINGS girl!!

When I was pregnant and in the hospital on bed rest he had to go buy me some pj's because I was very unprepared. He called me from the store and said what size do you need again? I said just get small or medium. He said what is 2 times as he was searching for the right pair? He denies saying that to this day. I said that is 2X and explained the difference. Well guess who shows up at the hospital with some size 2X pj's! Bless him! He said babe just try them on. That is why I just ask him to let me buy my own gifts and etc.

Another bed rest hospital story: I was dying for a Twix bar and the gift shop didn't have any. So I asked him to run to the drug store and get me one. He was so good to go do it. You who have been pregnant know how you crave certain things. Well, he goes to the grocery store, calls me and asks if there is anything I need besides the Twix bar...I said no. He gets back to my room and I asked him where the Twix bar was. He said oh babe (that is what he calls me unless he is mad then he calls me Jenny) I forgot it. At that time it wasn't funny but it is hilarious to me now. He came back with a fan he had bought for my room. He slept at the hospital with me every night so he did need that fan.

One more Rod story just for fun. [Rod, I really hope you aren't reading this]
Anyway, one day he dropped me off at the grocery store and while I went in he went to go get a biscuit. I come outside with all of my bags in hand looking for his truck. It was nowhere to be seen. Then, flashbacks of me being left at daycare when I was little start to come back. So, I see him driving down the road toward our house...completely passing the grocery store. I find some change to call him and I was freaking out that I was on a greasy pay phone, and that he had left me at the grocery store. He couldn't believe that he forgot either. It is all hilarious to me now.

Anyone have any funny stories like that? I could go on but I will spare ya!


Elaine said...

You are hilarious! My hub is the same way! The difference is after being married so long he has me confused with the "bride" he married several years ago and insists on buying my clothes four sizes too small! It is really embarassing. Let's not even start with this horrible perfume he gave me when we were dating. Being that it was our first Christmas I made the mistake of acting as if I loved it. So every year guess what I get? I am waiting on the EPA to knock at my door any minute and fine me for contamination to the ground water supply. (I have been keeping it in a hole the dog dug in the back yard)

Faith said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! :) Stop by for an update ... :)

Teri said...

Jenny, my hubby is very similar to yours! Right after I gave birth to our second child after I had been released from the hospital we went home and I sent him for some things I needed at the grocery store. I had had a c-section so the Dr. wanted me to take some stool softener to make sure everything was good in that i told him to take the paper that she wrote the name of the stuff she recommended. I also need some sanitary napkins. (Pleasant topic, I know...) Anyway, he comes back to the house with the Colace that cost $28.00 and Depend Pads. I thought I was going to loose my mind! I'm like "Pee pads? What did you get me pee pads for??" So then he apologizes and says he will go back. i told him to take the expensive stool softener back too since i probably wouldn't take it anyway. So he goes to Kroger and returns stool softener and pee pads. So he walks around the store...buys what he needed and came home...guess what he brought me??? the same exact pads that he had just returned I am not kidding. Pee pads!!! I was beside myself when he came home...i thought he was joking. NO. He was not! We get a huge laugh about it now!

connorcolesmom said...

Ok so I read this the other day and totally forgot to comment

The story reminds me of my sweet husband who means well but just does not "get it"

For mother's day a few years ago he had overheard me mention that I needed a broom
For some reason we did not have one (it must have gotten lost in our move)

So he goes to Sam's and gets me one of those broom/dust pan combos
The only problem was the broom was SO short that I have to hunch over to use it
It seriously is kid size

Then this mother's day he buys me jewlery - except the jewlery looks like it should be on Run DMC the rapper
The silver necklace is HUGE and LONG and on the end of it is a cross about 4 inches wide - HUGE
I just shook my head:)
I love my hubby :)
Have a great day

Ruth said...

These are such funny stories. It makes me realize I need to cut my husband some slack. He's just the same! Once before we were married, I came over for dinner to his place. He was busy in kitchen hacking what looked like a cabbage. I asked him what he was making and he said "salad". I told him it was cabbage not lettuce and he didn't believe me at first. We had a good laugh.

Jenny - did the bag balm work? I heard Shania Twain uses it?

Tam said...

hilarious! awesome randomness. i'd love to be a fly on the wall of your house - i bet it is out of this world! in the best way!

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh! I thought my ADD was bad!

He Knows My Name said...

jenny my funny story just makes me cry laughing every time i remember it. about 10-12 years ago i was on too much inderal for my heart palps. what i didn't know until years later if you are on too much you have vivid dreams. well i had alot of them during this period of time. what would happen is every now an then i would sit up in bed and see things on the ceiling like sea creatures and wierd stuff and talk out of my head.

so this one time the ironing board was at the foot of the bed with pants draped over with the legs hanging down. i sat up in bed and exclaimed two mice just crawled up the legs of those pants. my husband and i jumped out of bed both in a panic. i said grab the ends of the pants so they don't come out and we will shake them out in the bath tub where they can't crawl out. he complied with the whole thing. there we were in the bathroom at 1am, both kids asleep and he is shaking these pants over the tub with great whipping action to free the mice....that did not exist. at this point i woke up from this dream fully aware of what had just happened and broke out in hysterical lauging. he was not because he fell for the whole thing. i couldn't help it it was the drugs. i still lay in bed and get to thinking about us and that night and the bed just jiggles and i break out laughing.