Saturday, May 10, 2008


Most of the people who read my blog know how I feel about cats. It is a deep rooted fear and dislike that comes from childhood. They scare me and I think they are sneaky. No offense, I know some of you LOVE your cats and I am thankful that the Lord has given you that grace.
They also make me break out itching and I can barely get some benadryl fast enough when I am around them. Thank you Lord for that so Morgan will never have a reason to charm mommy into a cat since mommy is allergic.
SOOOO, me and morg go this morning to get some Chic-fil-A. Rod normally does this but he has started a diet today. Quick side story. I throw on some shorts, a t-shirt, and an Auburn baseball cap, walk outside and he says, "babe, you sure look cute!" It cracks me up because I usually try to keep myself up and I get a compliment when I look the worst...LOL!
Anyway, we come home and walk through the backyard and there is the cat (THE CAT THAT WON'T GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with Alvin the chipmunk. Well, Morgan thinks it is Alvin. He/She was devouring the chipmunk, it had only gotten through the head. Morgan and I were mortified (She screamed, "OH NO ALVIN!" I have passed on my fear of cats to her as well) and not quite sure we could dig into our morning breakfast after all. Of all days for Rod to go on a diet.
So, birds in the attic, squirrels, maybe large armadillos, and that stinking cat eating stuff in our yard. Freak me out! Then, I failed to mention I about stepped on a huge turtle when I went out to the power line to tell Rod. I thought I lived in the city. I am not a country girl. Not after 18 years spent in the country. Green Acres is not the place for me! LOL


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I amen the cat fear/dislike. My eyes are itching and swelling shut just thinking about those things!!!

have a wonderful mother's day!


StaceyStace said...

Yes, I understand the fear thing. I was always terrified of dogs until I got Aslan and Mr. Tumnus. Now I am only afraid of dogs who are not Aslan and Mr. Tumnus. And though we planned to only have one dog -in the house- it proved to be more than I could fathom, so now we have two dogs - outside!

Yeah, Mark told me this morning that I have beautiful hair - while I was walking around wearing a headband, hairdo shy of a hairbursh, with a crying baby on my hip. I don't get it. But I'm glad they think so anyway, aren't you?

Michelle V said...

Hi Jenny, I'm also a fellow "Siesta" and I just wanted to say hello. Your family is so precious! I'm so sorry about that chipmunk-eating cat! How awful! I hope you have a very blessed Mother's Day!


twinkle said...

Jenny, my cat is an outdoor cat that is afraid of it's shadow. He loves to bite toes when you have no shoes on. I tolerate him because he has caught a few mice. But this past Thursday afternoon, he kinda saved me from a rattlesnake. The snake was about 15 feet from me when my cat was at my feet. We heard a "snap" sound and the cat became a dog pointing. I looked in the woods as my cat walked stealthily forward. That's when I saw the snake(it was big with 10 rattles). I screamed for the cat to come back, my husband to hurry and see, and I guess I screamed for fright. And, of course, the snake started slithering away. But not before my husband could shoot him. I'm thankful for my cat (and my husband) right now. I understand your dislike but will you please let Morgan know that my cat "Socks" protected me from a rattlesnake? Love you both and am so sorry about Alvin...

Sherry said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Bad - bad cat!! That is disgusting!! I screamed like a little girl when Meela brought that durn lizard in here!! EGADS! I am so sorry, that really is NOT something you want to expose a little gal to!

Sherry said...

Oh, and I hope that you had a WONDERFUL mother's day!!

Faith said...

I am also allergic to cats and I would've been freaked out by that scene as well!