Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Pursuit of God

The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer has been one of my most favorite books for several years now. I am linking to Chapter Two "The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing" and I know it is for someone even if just one person has time to read it. CLICK HERE
You can read a lot of his books online.
HERE IS The Pursuit of God
HERE IS Knowledge of the Holy

Anyway, if you were to read Chapter Two I wanted to share just how God has blessed me. It is not about His blessing but there have been so many many times...where I have seen Him truly meet my needs and even more like in Matthew 6:25-34.
Well, I know most people may be tired of my stories but I just need to boast in the Lord for a minute. A few weeks back I mentioned in Bible study that Morgan had broken our printer so I was not able to print a syllabus. There are so many things that break and go wrong and my motto is that if it is broken and there is nothing you can do about it why get mad. So, I even mentioned to Rod that I knew the Lord could provide me a new printer if He wanted to and I was not going to rush out and buy one. Well, the sweetest thing happened. Last week, Allison from my group brought me a printer, paper, and ink cartridges. The printer she gave me was way better than the one I had. Once again, God is into the details.


StaceyStace said...

I love this! I know people think I am crazy sometimes (well, I probably give plenty of good reasons for that assumption!), but I get all excited over the things I KNOW God takes care of. The big things are obvious, but there are many "little" things that I can't take care of either. I need Him and He is a kind Father. Thanks to Him for your printer!

sammie said...

Hey Jenny, do you realize how cool your blog is? It would be great to have all your postings from beginning to end put in a book and published.

BethAnne said...


Sarah Martin said...

Thanks for the link to Tozer-I have always wanted to read the Pursuit of God but its cool to have it online!

Ruth said...

Hi've been tagged!!

Check it out and see if you want to play along. I think you would come up with something good.

Maryanna said...

God sure does provide! Why is it so easy to put Him in a box? Arg! Stupid satan... why do you lie!!!

Profbaugh said...


I think this post was for me. You see I have a HUGE decision to make that will require me to simply rely on God for His provision. I've always thought I was pretty good at this, but I've never had anything this BIG before. So, I'm out there walking on the water, not taking my eyes off of Him.

Trusting Him with everything,

Bev Brandon said...

Came by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! And, as always, you blessed me immensely. I didn't know about these online through chapter 2---about the possessive malady---"possessive clinging to things is a harmful habit" and that is what I am dealing with this very night. Finding these books online is a great help to me. Thanks! So my MD wish to you is not just for a day, but for a life of walking with your beautiful God as you so beautifully do! And making a mark on Morgan! As you are! You have captured the true essence of the Mystery of the Gospel. That's all I can say! You are a remarkable young woman who pours out God's love and truth through your words. I love you Jenny Hope! Happy Mother's Day!

Bev Brandon said...

I know that fear. The opposite is love and may His Perfect Love cast out your fear. I just love love love your heart for HIM! And it's a big one! Not perfect but surrendered! Dependent! Fixed on HIM! You bring me such great delight!

Maryanna said...

I know what you mean... I've messed up many of meals & we had to order in pizza instead.
Hey, I figured out how to have music on my blog just like you! Yay! You're like the blogging queen. :-)
I'm so glad you have Katherine's website on your blog. I've been keeping up w/ that, and God is so amazing. She is one of my sister's friends from samford. Love you and miss you!

sammie said...

Hey Jenny, sorry the trip info was up on my blog. I just put it up for a minute so one of my kids could see how I put the letter together. I have Vista on my computer and when it comes to attachments other computers do not like it. I'm pulling my hair out with it. So I put it up on the blog for them.