Thursday, May 1, 2008


Oh please if you have ever struggled with guilt GO and listen to these sermons when you have time by Dr. Erwin Lutzer. I love him so.
CLICK HERE and listen to all four parts.

Also, this passage goes along with it as you listen.
Zechariah 3

Tell me what you think even if it is anonymous.


StaceyStace said...

I just went over and listened to these. Wow. This has been an issue in my life for sure. What an agonizing struggle to come to the place of realizing God's forgiveness! I think the loudest mouth Satan has, at times, are the children of God. We can tear each other apart with accusations. One of the biggest obstacles I faced, in dealing with my shame, was the condemnation cloaked in pharasaical jargon coming from certain siblings in Christ. But God used that struggle to make me wrestle with it until I had no fears.

Thanks for sharing these links. I am sure it will bless others as well.

btw, I have nothing nailed down for San Antonio. I only started thinking halfway seriously about it when I looked at my school calendar and realized I actually could! Are you pretty much prepared?

Charity said...

I am about to check out your links, but I wanted to let you know that Landon finally posted his meme! Ha! I mean I finally posted it!

I hope you are feeling well! I got some serious catching up to do on reading blogs!

Love ya,

bookworman said...

Thanks for sharing this. These were powerful healing messages. They gave me a new perspective on an lifelong stronghold.