Friday, January 9, 2009

I almost forgot

Pete and repeat were sitting on a fence pete fell off and who was left? Repeat. Pete and repeat were sitting on a fence pete fell off and who was left? get the idea.

Tonight Morgan was on the phone with my mom and she proceeded to tell her a story that I had told Rod yesterday.
me: Rod we went into the Salvation Army store today and Morgan had to go to the bathroom #1 and #2 and this other lady was in there and it was obvious that she was trying to go #2 and Morgan would not get off of the toilet so the woman in the next stall just had to sit there until we left. FOR LIKE 15 MINUTES. I wanted to yell across the stall that she could go ahead and go.

So back to my mom.
Morgan: grandmommy I had to go to the bathroom and this girl in the next stall was taking a dump. I ABOUT FELL OUT LAUGHING. Her dad says "take a dump." He is going to have to quit that.


Stephanie said...

Hilarious! I'm amazed at what our little ones pick up. I never realized that I say "duh" until Abby said it one day- with the same inflection that we would use!! :)

HIS Child said...

She certainly is precious! I know you are totally in love with her and it's an added bonus when she can crack her mommy up.

Sherry said...

Hardy har!!! I love what those little hears tell their mouth to say!!

Anytime someone falls, Mark says "Man down!"


HisTreasuredPossession said...

Have you ever seen Monk? or the episode where on the plane with this "pete and repete?" I almost wet my pants! =) Kids are so funny!