Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Not Super Woman!

The Morgan Chronicles:

Really though she says some funny stuff and I just wanted to keep up with it so here goes:

Today she was playing on her swingset (she has bronchitis and an ear infection) and she said, "Mom please come push me."
"Morgan, you can do it yourself", I replied.
I about fell out because I have no clue where she got that but we would take a huge load of burdens off if we went ahead and let ourselves off the hook. We just need to know and be real about the fact that we are not superwoman.

Then, I have been taking Miralax (to go) and it is a miracle (redundant colon issues). Now everywhere we go Morgan says, "mom has this drink got poo poo medicine in it?" I about died when she yelled it out at cracker barrell tonight.


Andreea said...

She's funny!!! LOL!

yankee mama said...

I'm am LOL she is a riot!

And I too am not super woman!

Jessica said...

She is such a hoot! Super woman!! What a hilarious little thing she is! : )

Lisa said...

LOL - Kids! They keep us in check!
Blessings - Lisa

Sharon said...

LOL! Amazing how our kids surprise us with words or phrases we've never heard before. That is too funny! I'm not a super woman either. But today I wish I was.

Sharon said...

Oh, and I'm saying a prayer for Morgan. Hope she feels better soon!!!

Stephanie said...

LOL what a cutie pie! Hope she feels better soon:)

Little Steps Of Faith said...

You need to video tape her...I would so watch " The Morgan Show":)

Ang baylis said...

From the mouth of babes! I just love it... "I'm not Super Woman"! We should learn from our kids!
Have a nice weekend.
Angie xoxo

April in real life said...

ah jenny I am laughing now and loving it! I wish I could have been there! Kids - they say the cutest or most embarassing things!
May we all be smart enough as her to realize and say "I am not superwoman!"... ah but we like to think we can be don't we... Thankfully we do have a superman aka "Jesus" who has our backs!

Laura said...

How funny. Children can say the funniest thing but make you want to hide underneath the table too.

I was with a friend of mine youngest daughter and we were out to eat and this large person came in and Bryce says, why is that woman so big? I wanted to die!!

Sherry said...

Girl, Daddy Mark has to take it too and every speaking individual in this house picks up daddy's drink and asks "Does this have medicine in it?"

And let's not count the number of times that I walked by, picked it up, and took a big swig, only for Mark to get a huge grin and say, "Your gonna regret that later!!"

You butt people!

He Knows My Name said...

Jenny, No, not at the Cracker Barrell! You better be keeping a book on her because she just will not believe all the stuff she came up with. On second thought you might use it as amo to stop her from dating anyone you don't approve of :) jk of course.

Prayers for Morgan's quick healing. Them both at the same time, just one is enough.

mandy said...

Oh sorry. That thing about the poopoo medicine isn't funny.