Sunday, May 10, 2009

checking in

Wow I have been a pathetic blogger lately. It isn't because I am short on things to write either. I have been so tired lately. I took a nap today and about 4 naps yesterday...for real. I also have pink eye. Morgan had it to and she is a trooper. That girl never complains about hurting or anything...but it does hurt. Yuck. I will be back later with some stuff I had on my heart. I just wanted to say that I have been burdened for those who are single, have lost a child, or a mother. Mother's day is a hard day for so many...and a little over rated ;). For those of you who do not have offspring...keep being persistent and knocking on heavens door with the desires of your heart. Until then pray for God to put spiritual offspring in your path so you can strengthen sons and daughters of the Lord. For those of you who hurt, I pray that God will pour His healing balm on your wound. Draw near to Him. Morgan is only a gift of His grace and I feel so inadequate, and ill-equipped to be her mother. There are days that she wears me completely out and days where I am so irritable I can't see straight. It is hard, but so good and for that I am thankful. No one is lesser or scorned just because they are not a mom. If you are single and reading this, cherish your time with Jesus. It is so rich. When I am pouring out my heart to God now it is usually with a monkey on my back. I pray that the Lord lavishly blesses whoever is reading this. Praise You Lord for You are the God who sees us.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your eye, JH. Mother's Day is probably a Hallmark holiday and I completely get that. Back before we had children I avoided church on Mother's Day because it was irritating. Just this week my friend told me that her MIL doesn't go to church on Mother's Day because of the loss of her daughter years ago and it is just too painful. Makes me wonder if paying "tribute" to many is worth the pain of so many others. I've cried on and off all afternoon for several different reasons including being heartsick for so many women who are no doubt heartsick today.

Well, time to put the monkeys to bed Praise the Lord. Take care, my sista!


HisTreasuredPossession said...

girl, it is the truth that it's overrated, esp. w/ young, sick kids =P

Glad to see you checking in and miss hearing from you!

Amy said...

Thanks, Jenny, for remembering us single girls in your prayers and thoughts!

michellemabell said...

Praying for your pink eye to heal quickly and stay away!
Blessings, michelle

Anonymous said...

Hey! I see you have the "Pray for Kayleigh" button on your blog page. If you don't already know, she passed away Monday, May 11th.

Please keep her family in your prayers during this difficult time.