Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few things I needed to read

These are both from Beth Moore's book "Further Still":
(this first one is so where I am at right now)

Further Still

In that lonely place
No friend can go
No brother can help
No loved one can know

I must crawl on
While you stay
Further Still
Just watch and pray

In that lonely place
The cup is fought
To sip the pain
Or choose my lot

To claim my rights
Or cast them down
To gain my loss
Or scorn my crown

Life pivots there
In Further Still
Face to the ground
Fighting His will

Can't choose to return
The same who went
Once Further Still
The old is spent

So remember me
And stay close by
I'll need you soon
Right by my side

And pray me back
Til He has won
And throat is parched
From "Yours be done!"

(p. 7-8)

This was so comforting to me.


Hush, little baby, Daddy's got a Word
No eye has seen, no ear has heard.
Dream sweet dreams but you can't dream this
Plans your weaver weaves for bliss.

Hush, little baby, don't you cry
Daddy fixes all things by and by.
Cease your striving, rest your eyes
You're my joy and you're my prize.

Sleep, little baby, I'll stay awake
If skies should fall and mountains quake.
You'll be safe in Daddy's arms
Wrapped in blankets, robbed from harms.

Hush, little baby, I will sing
While angels dance and 'round you ring.
If I should come before you wake
Your eyes will open to Daddy's face.

So hush little baby, trust me now
Thrones and powers to me bow.
I tell oceans what to do
I think Daddy can take care of you.

(p. 14)

Beth Moore, "Further Still" copyright 2004


Pttyann said...

Hello Jenny just dropping through to let you know you're in my prayers.

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