Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jesus and Heaven (or as Morgan says Hebin)

Morgan has been drilling me lately. I have been so frustrated this week with my neck and all and just all around irritable. She has been asking me things about Jesus and heaven all of the time. I think she thinks about heaven more because she has a sister there.

Here are some of her questions:
Can I pick some flowers in heaven?
Will Chick-fil-A be in heaven?
What do Jesus' nails look like... I bet they are beautiful (boodafull).
Jesus will hold me and hold me.
Are there going to be Cheezits in heaven?
Why won't there be any night time?
We will have the best beds with the best naps!
Aunt Stephs will hold me and play with me in heaven.
We can have camp fires in the green green grass and roast marshmellows.
I will hold Shelby and she can sleep in the bed with all of us she is our beatiful (boodafull) baby.
What will my diamond earrings look like?
Are all the babies that the Pharoah killed in heaven?
What does Moses look like?
Why isn't everybody going to be in heaven?

Oh how I love her!!

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Anonymous said...

Tell Morgan I hope also there is a Chic-Filet in Heaven! The questions are too cute.
Nancy in NC