Sunday, May 13, 2007

I was reading this devotional by John MacArthur Jr and I was reminded that when I am lacking in zeal that I need to pray for it.
I feel very lacking this week. Morgan went through such a rough week last week and I have been so sick this week. I just finished praying and asking God to fill me more with His Spirit and that I would feed the Spirit and not the flesh.


pinkmommy said...

I prayed for you this weekend. I will continue praying for your health to be restored. It is tough for us mommies to be sick! I feel like I am pretty good at taking care of my family, but not as good at taking care of myself. I pray you are able to rest and let your body heal.

connorcolesmom said...

I have seen your post on the Beth Moore LPM blog. You always have such sweet things to say. The picture of your little girl with her Bible is precious!! I Love it !! I saw that your little one was sick and now you are as well. I will continue to pray for health and healing. It is not a good thing when us mommies are sick. I also noticed you live in Pelham. Alabama? We just moved to Georgia after having lived in Pelham for over 25 years.
Feel better sista!!
God bless :)