Friday, April 11, 2008

Eating the Bread of Idleness

Proverbs 31:27 She watches over the affairs of her household
and does not eat the bread of idleness.

When I was single and struggling financially, I really could not afford to go to the dentist. I had a cracked tooth that really needed some work but I didn't have the money to go. So, I get married and finally go and find out I have to have a root canal and crown...YAY! I can not stand going to the dentist my nerves can not take it. Anyway, today I had to go and have that same tooth completely extracted. I am in pain is why I have been up since 4.

Rewind even further back in the day. I had a sporty red eclipse for a car, I desperately needed some coolness factor. The only thing one really taught me much about changing the oil and so my engine sort of went bad until it just blew up. Lesson learned. Really back then I didn't want to fork over any extra money that I didn't have. STUPID.

So, I end up with a greater problem on my hands...I had to buy another car and pay off the one that was no longer working. The Lord was so gracious to me because I literally wore myself out trying to pay for a roof over my head and 2 car notes. One day I was driving home and began to just unload my heart before the Lord. I told Him how tired I was of working three jobs to make ends meet and reminded Him that His word says in Psalm 127 that the Lord gives rest to those that He loves. Yet I was trying to carry my own burdens and I was wearing out. I prayed that if there was anything I was not giving over to Him that He would put it on my heart to confess. I felt the whisper in my Spirit...your car.
That VERY DAY a friend of mine called me. I had never mentioned much about my car or the burden it was for me. He said Jenny I need to talk to you. I was like oh no I don't have time for anyones problems today. Anyway, I met up with him and he told me that the Lord had put it on his heart to pay my car off for me. I was in Awe that the very same day God answered my prayer. Within hours. And he did...he payed that car off. Praise God.
The verse I included above in Proverbs 31 is just such a reminder to me to watch over the little things...spiritually, and the things that just take place in my life and what goes on in my house.

Right now (in a very realistic way), I am so behind on folding clothes and I feel like I am eating the bread of idleness. I did have a rough week but I want to get it done. Yet when I delay simple little things and neglect my house or my relationship with the Lord...those things become a mountain on my hands. Even that pile of laundry in the other room is discouraging me. You all know what I am talking about when company comes and you really have to get your house clean...and in a hurry. It can also be so hard with a two year old in tow who loves to explore!

Also, if I had taken care of oil changes, and a cracked tooth, maybe I wouldn't have a larger mess on my expensive one at that. I also don't want to pine away in this life and neglect what goes into my heart. Eating the bread of idleness can cause us to fall into all manner of sin...and we are capable of falling fast.


My cup runneth over... said...

Wow! Great post! I've been there and can relate (and still paying for some of those same kind of mistakes). But also like you, God has been so gracious to me in so many ways. What a beautiful answer to prayer he gave you in the man that paid off your car! Gave me chills. I loved your challenge to avoid idleness, particularly with our faith very true. Praying for quick healing for you from your dental surgery.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new friends. = )


StaceyStace said...

Jenny, this brought tears to my eyes to see how God took care of you! He is doing the same thing in a similar situation for us right now (2 mortgages - yikes!). If you are anything like me, I expect God to be mean, so when He lavishes His love and provision on me, I am stunned. How awful - I should expect good from my Father, but I am still learning that He blesses us for His own pleasure, though undeserving we may be. Oh, how I thank Him that He is not like me!

BethAnne said...

I am tellin' ya - you and I are long lost twins (fraternal not identical too bad for me) separated at birth! We have a very similar story.

He Knows My Name said...

i sit here reading and you just have such a God given gift to put it all together right down on the pavement of this earth. what a testimony to me and everyone what God can do when we give him everything.

i hope you can get this pain under control soon so you can sleep tonight.

maybe i'm reading this because i too need to go to the dentist, and KNOW i have at least 3 issues and am fearful of what MIGHT have to happen, and if i put it off any longer IT WILL HAPPEN! or maybe i'm reading this to get off this time eating machine and get something done. just love you. ~janel

Fran said...

"Eating the bread of idleness can cause us to fall into all manner of sin...and we are capable of falling fast."

My Bible study girls just talked about what women do in their idle time with a bunch of other women around....gossip. GROSS.

Not much good comes from idle time. He will give rest to those He loves and come to Him.

Praying for ya sister. Hope tonight is better.

Big hugs~

Sarah Martin said...

This totally conviced me! I fall into the trap of idleness while on the computer-yikes... Have a good weeken!

Tam said...

So I have been MIA and a hermit lately. Been missin you big time. Come here tonight and read this post. And BAMM!

God Knew!!!

That's all I'm sayin'

Rachel said...

Awesome post!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh boy can I relate! I'm holding onto, carrying, tugging around this "thing". It's one thing I say I'm going to lay down and do, and then I pick it right back up!!! I know it's crazy!! After all the Lord has done for me and the history we have, I still try to carry this one thing by myself.

You have encouraged me to go and get alone with HIM and take my hands off of the "thing" for good..

love you!

Emily said...

I agree! The little things add up quick, don't they...I had Mount Laundry before I went out of town the other week to visit my mom. I had no idea I would not be coming back any time soon. My husband didn't really get around to it, so my family, who came to take care of our kids while we were in Wilmington for the funeral and everything, got stuck with it! Talk about humbling!! Thankfully, my step-mom is so wonderful, I wasn't totally mortified. Although, my 7 year old David spilled the beans on me. My step mom Kim said, "David where does your mom usually put your clothes (drawers etc), where does she get them from?" David answered,"My mom gets my clothes from the drier"!!! I laughed because it was true!
Kim did every bit of my laundry like it's never been done before, God bless her!
I am trying to do one load a day to keep it up:)

sammie said...

Jenny, great post! I do the same thing with school. I get behind then think I can't do it. Thanks

StaceyStace said...

Yes, that was me at Wal-Mart! I saw you and thought about introducing myself, but I chickened out for the same reason - I thought if its not her, I'll be embarrassed!

Bev Brandon said...

Song of Solomon says it's the little foxes that spoil the vine, isn't it? We see the huge ways to trust God with our lives but those cracked teeth---I've been convicted lately of the verse in Song Sol 2 that says that we take care of everyone else's vineyards, ministries, blogs, but we don't take care of our own. Glad you're at least up to type and as always you are thinking from your heart! I am doing well...still no jobs, but I praise HIM for taking care of us all. Love you, Bev

sweethomealagirl said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming by my blog! I rarely get a whole lot of time to check out new people, so I love it when I have someone interesting stop by my place! Good to meet you! I really liked reading your posts!

StaceyStace said...

Yeah, I was really impressed that you knew it was me. The picture I have on my blog is not only kind of blurry, but my hair is way shorter now!
I was wandering around trying to find a lunchbox for Dillon, who lost his at school and then left his new one there today. It was nice to "meet" you in real life, even though we were both too chicken to speak!

Ruth said...

There is much wisdom in what you have said here. It caught my attention because I have been feeling anxious, overwhelmed and resentful about all the things that need to be maintained in life. It is such DRUDGERY!! And when I let the little things go bit by bit it becomes very overwhelming.
After I read your post I listened to Joyce Meyer on line and she was talking about something similar. She said if you can't stand doing something you have to do it will rob you of power in your life.
I think God is trying to tell me something here. I think I need to take smaller bites in life and take care of the little things with a better attitude so that it doesn't get so overwhelming and cause me to be impatient, angry and resentful.
I'm sorry for rambling...but this is so thereputic.
Thanks Jenny!

Sherry said...

Good job, as usual. I love reading what God teaches you.

Faith said...

Hmm ... great post! Very convicting, and I love your story about the car. That is awesome! God is ... beyond words, isn't He? :)