Friday, April 18, 2008

Morgan has been tagged for a MeMe

Ethan's mommy from HisTreasuredPossession tagged Morgan for a meme.
So here goes!
7 Random things about Morgan

1. Morgan was a high risk pregnancy and I had the worst most miserable pregnancy. It was a miracle that she ever got here. She never moved until it was night time. Things have only changed a little with her night owl personality.

2. Morgan likes to hide food in the vents of our house. You may open a drawer and find food as well. Think of anything that is crazy and she is probably going to do it. She runs non stop and is into EVERYTHING. I can't take my eyes off of her or rest until she is asleep.

3. Her favorite foods are salad, she is in the kitchen now eating cucumbers, a bagel, and carrots with buttermilk ranch. LOL

4. She calls tomatoes and cucumbers "Bob and Larry" when we are in the vegetable aisle.

5. We took many, many, many trips to the hospital and etc the first two years of her life. Just for random things.

6. She is a tom-boy even though she dresses cute (I have a little something to do with that).

7. She is very messy and I seriously vacuum the den two-three times a day. Oh and she LOVES bandaids!

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Tam said...

What a great idea!!!

Her favorite food is salad???

whoa - i'm not sure how to respond to that...


connorcolesmom said...

cute idea - thanks for tagging connor and cole
My in-laws are here for a few days so I will think on it and post soon
BTW: check out my blog it has a post on the SA Siesta Fiesta!
Love ya

Charity said...

How sweet! That cracks me up how she hides food! You really never know what they might do next!

I will try to post today or tomorrow! Thanks for tagging Landon! What a cute idea!

Hope y'all are having a GREAT weekend!