Monday, April 14, 2008

The Patriarchs (Again and Again)

I know I have several Birmingham area readers that don't go to my church so I wanted to put this out for all of you.
I am starting the Patriarchs, by Beth Moore on April 22nd at 6:30pm in room s109-110 at Hunter Street Baptist Church (
Go HERE and register online if you are interested. You can also go HERE and view more information about the bible study. This is the one that I went to the taping of in Baltimore and this will be my third time to go through the workbook. I am so excited and hope that some of you will join us!! There is no child care provided.

If you attend, you will need to purchase a workbook, and I know Lifeway had plenty when I went the other day. Just bring that and your bible.
Also, sorry for being MIA...I am still trying to cover from my fun little dental procedure. It is killing me. It always seems to be something. Morgan is running a fever so I hope it is no big deal for her.


Heather said...

Hey girl. I'm so wanting to do that study. sad I don't live near you!

I've been praying for you guys!

StaceyStace said...

How exciting! I sure do wish I could join in with you. Pray for a miracle for me that I can find the time!

Fran said...

Hope the study goes well Jenny!
Always praying for you. Hope that you and Morgan both bounce back SOON!!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Girl! I'm praying for you...sounds like you have had a rough few weeks....

Honea Household said...

The Patriarchs is a GREAT study. I learned SO much and wouldn't mind doing it again. Wish I lived closer! :) Are you feeling better? I've been praying for you.

NYC said...

What a blessing that you get to lead a bible study :)

It has been so crazy for me lately, ugh, I have been out of touch with the world, except for my pockets of stress work, school, etc. Sounds like things have been kind of rough for you lately. I hope all is well and that you and Morgan feel better soon.

I'm glad that I had time to drop by your blog today :)

Faith said...

I'm excited for you and those who will participate! What a great study.