Thursday, September 4, 2008

my skirt

I made this skirt before I had Morgan. Everyone in my class at Hancock fabricks told me not to make my same size since I was having a kid. Well, I would love to tell them that this skirt is too big...praise the Lord...LOL! Is it homely Lisa (Preachers Wife)? It is funky but it is about all of the material I had to work with that was remotely cute. So, does anyone know how to put elastic in the waste because I have no clue. I went on bed rest before we got to that. Also, do I cut it off and make it shorter?

sorry in this pic I am trying to hold it up for the blogging viewers. It almost looks like I am wearing a lot of a table cloth or something


Staceystace said...

Girl, you can do everything! I have recently learned to sew on a button. ;)


jennyhope said... not be fooled. I have no skillz and can hardly remember how to work that sewing machine.

Michelle V said...

WOW! First of all, I'm impressed with skinny Jenny! And then she can sew too! Stacey is better than I am because I can't even sew on a button (without it looking all tacky).


ocean mommy said...

WOW!!! I'm just about ready to give the sewing thing another try.

I think this would be really cute at knee length...and you have so much material, you could probably make Morgan one too!!

Lori said...

I am with michelle and stacey....this girl does not even sew buttons. I think you should make it shorter. Knee length would be great. Also, I tagged you over on my blog but don't know how to link! I need to read blogging for dummies!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Girl, you ain't homely. I personally like long skirts but this one could probably either be a bit shorter or a lot shorter, like knee length.

And you've totally got the wrong girl for elastic. I missed that class too..:))

Love you!


Anonymous said...

I vote for making it shorter.

I need to take a sewing class!!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Okay, so here's what you do...

Iron down about 1/2 inch to the inside on the waistband, then fold over again enough to hold the width of your elastic. Stitch, leaving an opening to insert the elastic--usually around a seam.

Insert elastic and pull through using a safety pin. Try it on, sew the elastic to fit, then stitch the opening closed.

DO THIS FIRST. Then hem it.

To hem, try on the skirt, and mark the length you'd like--helps to have another set of hands for this because when you bend over to pin it, it will be shorter when you stand up!

Leave extra length for your hem!

Use the same method as for the waistband--iron in a double fold and then either stitch with the machine, or hem by hand. It will depend on the material as to what will look best. If you sew it on the machine, do a small hem--fold over 1/4 inch, then again, then stitch. If you sew it by hand, go ahead and fold over an inch each time.

If none of this makes sense--take it back to the fabric store and ask for help!

Happy sewing,


Kelli said...

Is there anything you won't try?? Very impressed. Think the fabric is very retro-trendy. You should cut it off and make it an A-line--slight flare at the knee. Cute idea about making Morgan one too--HOW PRECIOUS that would be!!!

BethAnne said...

Cut it off just above the knee. It would be cute with a dressy top for church or with a t-shirt an flip flops too! I am impressed that you made it yourself. I have a sewing machine that my husband calls "the wasted $500".